Zhongmu urban and rural master plan was officially approved in 2030 the Zhongmu long so-bloxorz

Zhongmu urban planning was officially approved by Zhongmu in 2030 so long Zhongmu county administrative area deduct delimit Zheng Dong New District Baisha Group, as the economic and Technological Development Zone Kowloon Group, airport economic comprehensive area outside the experimentation area, planning area of about 917 square kilometers. The center of the urban area is north to Lianhuo highway, South to East Zheng Dong Zheng Min highway, highway, West to the new G107 (Manzo Road), an area of 323 square kilometers. The planning period of 2016~2030 years, which recently to 2020. Reporter Zhang Zhaohui in 2020 the overall planning of urban and rural and urban population of 1 million urban population of 810 thousand people, the level of urbanization in 2030 81% and a total population of 2 million 100 thousand urban population of 1 million 950 thousand people, the urbanization construction of urban and rural residents level 93% 220.3 square kilometers of land urban space layout and structure of urban and rural planning the formation of "three axis, three zone, the urban development group" the pattern of the three axis: Zheng open road public service shaft, Wan Hong highway industry shaft, Yanming County town development axis avenue. Three District: along the Yellow ecological conservation area, the city core functional area, the southern ecological agriculture area. Multi group: group a number of towns formed Green Bo group, the old city group, city group, Guandu automobile group, Meng group and WAN Tan, Yanminghu, Yao, Huang Dian new town. The development of urban and rural industry layout industrial space layout structure of "two groups of three district three shaft two group: Green Bo group and Meng group as the core of the cultural and creative leisure tourism industry cluster, automobile industry cluster in the motor city group as the core. Three areas: the north along the Yellow Ecological Leisure Industrial Zone, the central urban industrial zone and the south of the modern urban industrial zones. Three axis belt: Advanced Manufacturing Industry Association axis (open – – Kowloon Motor City – Guandu – West Kaifeng Industry Association axis) and the modern service industry of the two Industry Development Zone Development (Zheng Dong Meng – Baisha Green Expo – Guandu – West Kaifeng Industrial Development Zone and Green Expo City – Hong Kong Airlines — cars industry zone). Urban comprehensive transportation planning and establishment of Zhengzhou Kaifeng integration strategic coordination, transportation organization, reasonable facilities perfect, convenient and efficient network to adapt to the comprehensive transportation system coordinated development between urban and rural development and regional integration requirements. The planning and construction of "fast track system of vertical and horizontal" ten, "a trunk road system of seven horizontal and five vertical", strengthen the county and Zhengzhou City, and County opened between the experimentation area, various groups contact. Planning the central city of Zhongmu to reach the township fast channel is not less than 1. Something to fast track S312, Liuzhou Road, science Avenue, Longhai Road, Wan Hong Lu, Zheng Min high speed road, G310, Shuanghu Road, Xinmi airport to the fast channel, Yingbin Avenue to the north and South; fast channel Manzo highway (New G107), Guanghui street, Yanming Avenue, S224. A planned east-west trunk road: Peace Avenue, Golden Road, green road, Central Avenue, Bo Sea Road East extension, dragon.相关的主题文章: