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"Zhong Kui Yang Xuwen" catch demon boot again carry the banner of "entertainment costumes giant – Sohu young Zhong Kui" Yang Xuwen "Zhong Kui" boot catch demon grand Sohu entertainment news today, by Yang Xuwen, Rong Yang starred in the drama "Zhong Kui costume fantasy" catch demon in the Hengdian grand boot, the drama of classical Oriental and Western magic fusion the elements, with special perspective, legend tells of God and devil, three of the people. "Young Kui" played by Yang Xuwen, is also following the "Yun Zhi", "Legend of the Condor Heroes", and then carry the banner of costume giant system. "The young Yang Xuwen, Zhong Kui" rebuild Oriental classic characters is "Zhong Kui" tells the story of catch demon Slayer Zhenjun Kui was heaven relegation, fall into the earth, loss of memory, the embodiment of juvenile Mu natural, after many trials and experience, people from all walks of life to maintain peace magic story. Zhong Kui as Oriental Myth classic characters in the past, the film and television works have appeared, but the "Zhong Kui" catch demon perspective locked in "young Zhong Kui", from the story, is bound to bring a new experience and other aspects. The hero of "young actor Yang Xuwen, Zhong Kui" in yesterday’s boot conference, but also handsome appearance, warm atmosphere of the scene. The composition of the new screen with Rong Yang partner, can be described as full of freshness. Since, by netizens as "high value" costume Yan "Yang Xuwen, Zaizhan costume, remodeling Oriental classic characters, is also very much looking forward to friends shouting". "Legend" the Spring Festival launch, Yang Xuwen undertakes the costume giant system it is reported that Yang Xuwen had just ending "Qingyun Zhi", played by the corner of Qinglong and Saint Mojiao hotly. Then, by the star of the new TV series "the legend of the Condor Heroes" is also expected to meet with the audience during the Spring Festival, from the exposed stills data visible, regardless of appearance or scenes, the play is well made, Yang Xuwen’s "Jing elder brother", the handsome, honest, others are excellent fusion. Recently, Yang Xuwen in the TV has a dazzling performance, this has the powerful "legend" and "Zhong Kui" two classic IP drama, but also the acting and popular recognition, which will bring a different surprise, it is expected to.   相关的主题文章: