Zheng Shuang has been exposed to escape the film crew Zhang Han dozen dozens of play-hamimelon

Zheng Shuang was exposed Zhang Han escape crew pat Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang Zhao Baogang play for an interview with Sina entertainment news on August 25th news, according to the Association for the development of love gossip broke, actor filming with a substitute in the circle is not uncommon, early Zhao Baogang [micro-blog] director in the "Beijing Youth" of the conference, had warned: "the actor who directly and don’t play, must give me a lot of time, we will take more than four months, I don’t have who who resisted." Chen Hong [micro-blog] in an interview with the media, even accidentally exposed, when Kaige Chen [micro-blog] movie "search" was visited by Yang Mi [micro-blog], but also because of its fried four or five play not centering, finally had to choose Wang Luodan abandoned her [micro-blog]. Eight further claimed that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han [micro-blog] take "victory woman consideration", two people often quarrel quarrel in the crew, one can not find two of them, a serious drag on the drama shooting schedule, and changed the light three. So when Zheng Shuang signed her play is not finished, the crew had talked with her for a 35 day delay, the delay Zheng Shuang agreed, but Zhang Hanshaqing advanced another crew, when Zheng Shuang heard that Zhang Han in the movie with some artists have the wind, one day Zheng Shuang suddenly said: Oh miss Zhang Han, I want to go to his assistant and so on, the night she packed up to go, did not tell anyone. Second days up the crew can not find people, the director is crazy. There are dozens of behind the scenes did not shoot. And then make a phone call to ask her, let her come back first game finished, Zheng Shuang does not agree, say again how not to, would rather lose money. There’s no way to find the emergency crew then took a substitute to the dozens of play, is the key that double looks nothing like Zheng Shuang, only the face lost just like her. At the time of the film, there is a heavy play is to hide under the table Zheng Shuang, is the back of the substitute. (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: