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Zhejiang Institute of engineering was formally established to create a first-class engineering education brand – new network Hangzhou September 12 (reporter trainee reporter Chen Lisha) is a quarter of the year. 12, the Zhejiang Institute of Engineers (Zhejiang University Institute of Engineers) inaugurated, and ushered in 300 freshmen from the first full Chinese industry study. Zhejiang University will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of disciplines, the advantages of international cooperation, regional innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and Zhejiang and even the country’s large enterprises to deepen cooperation, to create first-class brand of Engineering education." Jin Deshui, Party Secretary of Zhejiang University, said that the construction of the Institute of engineers into a domestic first-class, internationally renowned comprehensive, innovative, application-oriented engineering university. Facing the problem of shortage of applied talents of engineering at Chinese enterprise science and technology leading talent, comprehensive professional engineers, engineers and line, in response to the national innovation driven development strategy and "China manufacturing 2025", promote the development of national and regional economic and social transformation and upgrading of the industry, and cultivate more high-level engineering talents, Zhejiang Institute of engineers came into being. It is reported that Zhejiang University in July 2015 began to start the preparatory work of the Institute of engineers, in October 2015 to start the first enrollment, business oriented engineering and technical personnel to recruit master of engineering and master of Engineering management. Preliminary planning graduate level students reached 1000 in 2017, reaching a total of 3000 people in 2020, for the social and enterprise training of various types of engineering and technical personnel more than 10000 people per year. "(our company) has 20 employees to become the first student of the Zhejiang Institute of engineers." Hangzhou Silan microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd general manager Fan Weihong said, the company will establish closer cooperation and give full play to the advantages of college enterprise joint, cultivate more talents for the semiconductor industry Chinese, with more force for the sustainable development of the industry volume. From the State Grid Hangzhou power supply company employees Wang Yi fast, is also a member of the first 300 students. Talk about the reasons to return to the campus, she said, creatively to solve practical engineering problems in the engineer’s duties, make progress, and make life more beautiful, is the responsibility of engineers, technical achievements let more people more inclusive, the engineer’s mission. With the subject, with the goal, to reshape themselves, it is her choice. This year, the Zhejiang University also with the Paris Polytechnic Institute, Paris national hi tech Telecom, Paris national hi tech Advanced Institute of science and technology of three engineering colleges in France’s most famous signed the Sino French Innovation Management Master project. The person in charge of Xavier in the French Consulate in Shanghai Education Office of university affairs? Luce view, strategic cooperation in these four universities to develop an international perspective and creative talents will be very favorable. Xavier? Luce also said that at the beginning of the September G20 summit held successfully, also let Hangzhou become the focus of the world, in line with international Chinese, also let more and more countries to Chinese learning, "the school has been internationalized in France and Chinese high) represent the general trend.相关的主题文章: