Zhanjiang melon price roller coaster is lowest 5 pounds has dumped roadside watermelon helpless-hyuna

Zhanjiang melon price roller coaster is lowest 5 pounds has dumped 4000 pounds of watermelon but roadside cucumber all fell to the side of the road. Song Chao photo "cucumber price temporarily down, a rose, do not know the truth." Zhanjiang Xuwen agricultural products trading center food business Mr. Dong 20 years purchasing Cucumber Melon, but the recent price limit, said he had never seen. From November 12th to 21, Xuwen cucumber prices continued to fall, the product of the "ugly" melon nobody wants, and a good friend of "beautiful" melon also fell to 0.05 to 0.1 yuan catty. Many farmers under the helpless, thousands of pounds of cucumber dumped on the roadside. But from the beginning of 22, with the cold air and rain of a new round of Xuwen, cucumber prices began to increased, "beautiful" melon from the first day of the 0.2 yuan catty even sold 0.6 yuan Jin, "ugly" melon from 0.1 yuan rose to 0.2 yuan a catty catty. The rise in prices and associated melon cold weather, but the rain passed, melon prices can continue to rise, it is hard to say. Sure enough, the beginning of 25, melon prices fell again, is poor even down to 0.1 yuan a pound of cucumber. Unpredictable situation increases the local farmers and buyers concerns. No one wants cheap cucumber farmers and the acquisition of business losses in November 23rd, the reporter visited the Xuwen County town and Nanshan Town, many fields can still smell the smell of rotting cucumber, a few days ago was planted in clouds on the account as if has not gone away. In the afternoon, Liao Tang Dengyun villagers are Tang Zhen Xuwen County long after picking cucumber, he plans to put a car tomorrow morning at more than 3 thousand pounds and shipped to Xuwen to sell agricultural products trading center. "Take advantage of the present price and sell it." Tang Dengyun said, he picked up a total of 30 thousand pounds of cucumber nearly 20 days, but the acquisition of business or not, or only to buy 5 cents a pound price, "the price is too low can not sell, only last week threw out more than 10 thousand pounds." Similar to the number of damaged Tang Dengyun growers. Nanshan Town Longxing village Chen Qiyuan said, he picked 2000 pounds and a few days ago, spent 200 yuan to 2 workers to help, only to 0.1 yuan catty price to sell, selling money just only enough labor costs, "has dropped more than 9 thousand pounds, used to feed the chickens or rot in the fields." Chen Qiyuan to reporters calculations, cucumber price to 0.5 yuan per catty to return to this. Cucumber storage, placed at room temperature for one or two days, will reduce a lot of goods. Xuwen county built a lot of cold storage plant, cold storage preservation but the investment is high, due to the local planting cucumber more for small retail investors, it is difficult to pay extra money. Cucumber buyers Mr. Hu still remember, at that time the price fell to the bottom of the melon, Dragon Town side of the road and a lot of garbage piled by the dumping of cucumber. "Melon price limit, the most serious damage to the farmers, the second is the acquisition of business." Mr. Hu said, he put cucumber to receive, no farmers market in Guangzhou after the helpless, he had to pay off all the money and that he lost time. Multiple factors led to the price fell under cold melon melon prices rose hot Xuwen agricultural trading center 2相关的主题文章: