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Zhang Yi talk about doing those things actors: the edge of the face of tears and fear of public concern about the face of the public, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Zhang Yi talk actors do those things: female makeup lipstick weeping kiss Zhang Yi ask Zhang Yi Sina entertainment news recently, some friends broke Zhang Yi [micro-blog] about shooting in almost know, amused all the users. In the article, Zhang Yi talked about his various interesting actors, including intense shooting experience, modern drama men play female makeup lipstick experience, and the popularity of the TV drama and film scale difference for users. Zhang Yi admit "Goodfellas" inside the crying kiss are afraid to face the slobber left, Zhang Yi seriously told several times their shooting experience. He admitted that the first kiss, was the director of the customs in the room and the actress to cultivate their feelings, and finally the other initiative is very embarrassing. In "also" in the hunt, Zhang Yi and actress meet for the first time to begin passion drama experience and make a deep impression on him: "shoot" the murderer is "passion play, I am Miss Tan and lifetime meet for the first time, began to address a few words of passion, but also inspire love. That is really a man of two!". In the film "Goodfellas" kiss, Zhang Yi is a kiss at the edge of crying scenes where he can use between two people have glimpsed a slobber and a half meters long: "according to the story, we kissed for a while, Bian Wenbian Eiko I have to cry, she pushed her. Long lines of tears, she shed tears at the same time, I glimpsed between our two mouth and a long mouth line, foot and a half meters, hanging small beads, shining in the sun sparkling wobbly…… I’m afraid it broke, it will be thrown into each other’s face!" Modern drama play female makeup Rouge Zhang Yi joked: what about the rejection of actor in the modern drama is lipstick, Zhang Yi claimed to belong to the type no lipstick lipstick, he also joked in his opinion and candles no two: "in addition to the drama special requirements play female makeup, not wipe lipstick. But do not like lipstick, it may be more ignorant of it, that it is not the difference between things and candles." However, although Zhang Yi exclusion lipstick, but in the film and television drama is not less lipstick. In his own words, this is called "the more you reject what, and what this life is too profound to be understood." Zhang Yi also said that because of his bad habits often lead to dry skin and lips, at the urging of makeup to wipe Lipstick: "blame yourself, always forget to drink plenty of water, and fruit with grudges, dry lips with white lipped deer season. The key hand still owe, waiting time is smoking + anxiety tore his mouth to tear the skin, long and fast for the whole. You will see the tear finished makeup holding lipstick, lipstick or with a cotton swab to find me. I hate the face and mouth greasy, so often she pretended to be serious thinking. But sometimes tear mouth skin deep, will take blood." Actors to understand how the performance of the audience to be comfortable to talk about how to become a good film and television actor, Zhang Yi admitted that as a film and television actor, is the performance of the lens相关的主题文章: