Zhang Guotao was arrested in 1924 after the 1927 murder of Li Dazhao caused by indirect confession-brock lesnar

Zhang Guotao was arrested in 1924 after the confession to Li Dazhao indirect killing in 1927 core tip: Zhang Guotao as a representative of the Communist Party of China and the important role as host, have a great relationship with Li Dazhao on his value. But Zhang Guotao was arrested in 1924, wrote in the enemy torture confessions, in front of the row is Li Dazhao, which indirectly led to the 1927 Li Dazhao was killed by the enemy. The hidden secret for years, until after the founding of the PRC, the Northern Government Police archives after the The case is entirely cleared. This paper from the Li Dazhao data figure: people.com.cn. Author: Han Lu, the original title: history is misunderstanding: Rebel Zhang Guotao and Zhang Guotao, excerpts in the Shanghai period, has worked with Chen Duxiu to talk about saving the communist ideal, create China. Zhang Guotao in "my memory" said, talking about some specific problems of the Constitution and other party platform, in Shanghai and Chen Duxiu, "Mr. Li Dazhao and I hope to start in the north, the first Beijing team, then to the surrounding city development." After returning to Beijing, Zhang Guotao, who has missed a semester of classes, was given preferential treatment by the school and Professor, and was always able to get a passing grade. Zhang Guotao often bubble in the Peking University Library, he led by Li Dazhao, a large number of books to read the introduction of the doctrine of Marx, after the exile lost his confidence, formally embarked on the political arena. In 1920, the Communist group was formed in Beijing. Li Dazhao as secretary, responsible for organizing the work of Zhang Guotao, mainly to guide the movement of workers. Li Dazhao from his monthly salary of 140 yuan, out of 80 yuan, as the Beijing branch of the fund, under his guidance, the Communist Party of Beijing to carry out the work of one of the most significant was full of sound and colour, to the number of Zhang Guotao’s Changxindian workers movement. Changhsintien 21 kilometers from Beijing City, the northern section of the Beijing Hankou railway garage located here, there are more than 3000 workers. Zhang Guotao after the investigation, decided to set up labor cram school in changhsintien, let the workers and their children to receive education, this is the best way to mobilize the workers’ movement. To start a school is the need for funds, Zhang Guotao do not want to speak to Li Dazhao, then the home will be mailed to him a year to spend 300 yuan to donate money. Branch of the comrades to contribute to this system, then gradually followed down, eventually became the source of Party membership dues. Zhang Guotao, Deng Zhongxia, Zhang Tailei, et al. Train to changhsintien, mobilize workers and children to attend cram school. Zhang Guotao was eloquent and the speech was warmly welcomed by the workers. The beginning of the tutorial school, Zhang Guotao, Deng Zhongxia, and other teachers in turn as a teacher, and also had to go to school lectures in the school, and so on, as well as the teaching of the school,, and so on. During this period, Zhang Guotao often received for Li Dazhao to borrow books and periodicals, debate the teachers and students. In the memory of Zhang Guotao, the Communist Party of China, Beijing branch should send two representatives to attend. All comrades all expect Mr. Li Dazhao to personally attend; but because he was the north end of the school year during the busy, can not get out to. The results will be attended by me and Liu Renjing on behalf of the Beijing branch." Zhang Guotao became the co-founder of Communist Party, Chinese years later, Zhou Enlai to run away from Zhang Guotao said: "this is the party that you create, you can’t leave!" Zhang.相关的主题文章: