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Yunnan’s largest early winter vegetable producing areas of Yuanmou fruits and vegetables online within 72 hours of National Express – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Zhang Dan) is located in downtown Kunming street in Yuanmou O2O flagship store opened on the 25 fruits and vegetables, which marks the largest in Yunnan as early as winter vegetables Yuanmou County agricultural areas O2O e-commerce demonstration project officially launched. Since then, the Yuanmou River Hot River dam output of fresh agricultural products will be delivered within 72 hours to the country’s major cities and small dining table. In recent years, Yuanmou Internet plus plateau agriculture rapid development. The formation of the Yuanmou electricity supplier operations center, the establishment of county agricultural development investment company, built Yuanmou agricultural information network trading platform, as well as Yuanmou fruit and vegetable 1 shop, Jingdong shop, WeChat official store and other online shop. Through B2C and B2B two sales model, the realization of Yuanmou agricultural products online, online production, testing online, online sales, technology services online. From 1 to July this year, the county to achieve e-commerce sales of RMB 61 million 20 thousand yuan. In order to ensure the safety of green agricultural products, Yuanmou County adhere from farm to table the whole process traceability regulation, standardized cultivation technology standards, green control, strict inspection and quarantine, strict market access, exit, eliminate substandard vegetables sinotrans. At present, the county pollution-free agricultural origin identified more than 20 acres of green food, environmental quality standard of 156 thousand acres, the export of vegetables quality safety management demonstration area of 210 thousand acres. Yuanmou County Deputy Secretary of the county Li Linbo said, the county is also the origin certification of registered trademark, brand, striving for the (chi) trademarks, enhance the market competitiveness of agricultural products, to declare and pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic food certification for 5000 to 20000 yuan reward. At present, Yuanmou county has received 27 pollution-free agricultural products certification, green food certification, organic food certification 1, 37. "Yuanmou tomato" "Yuanmou jujube" trademark and the "Yuanmou" Yuanmou fruit vegetable "," collective trademarks have been registered. Yuanmou is known as the "natural greenhouse", the annual average temperature of 21.4 degrees, adequate light and heat resources, is the largest winter vegetable production areas in Yunnan, fruit and vegetable products sold in the domestic large and medium cities in 157. Every year there are more than 30 thousand tons of onions, tomatoes, beans, onion and so on are exported to Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, the European and Southeast Asian countries, vegetable sales accounted for Yunnan Province as early as winter vegetables export 14. According to Li Linbo introduction, 2015 2016 winter spring vegetable planting season, the tomato, bean, onion dominated the early winter of 200 thousand acres of vegetables, the export of 430 thousand tons of vegetables, vegetable farmers income 1 billion 300 million yuan; planting grapes, jujube based green economic forest 100 thousand acres, yield 150 thousand tons, the output value of 1 billion yuan." Li Linbo said the next step, Yuanmou will achieve the traditional marketing and electronic marketing "two legs" to walk, to speed up the construction of vegetable wholesale market, build modern circulation industry integrated service platform, the formation of trade, storage, preservation, storage, packaging, processing as one of the industrial chain, to build Yuanmou into the Yunnan Province, facing the country, radiation in South Asia Southeast Asia is important)相关的主题文章: