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Yunnan Nongda usher in more than 6000 students have 23 is "00" – in the new year went to school season, yesterday was the first day of the 2016 Yunnan Agricultural University freshman school report. And this is different, in order to meet the 2016 level little meat, the school opened the new collaboration platform, freshman can forecast on the Internet before school starts, in addition to the school official WeChat ahead of the launch of the registration process, traffic safety, Raiders, entrance guide text entry strategy help students to understand the situation in advance. Reporters on the scene, many of the students come up with mobile phone "map", or control the paper report process, successful registration, arrive at the hostel. The reporter saw at the gate of Yunnan Agricultural University, and to report freshmen are accompanied by their parents, some students even have four or five parents escort, everywhere in the campus carrying luggage of parents, they accompany the children together to find the dormitory registration, etc.. "The daughter of the first journey, let her is not assured, we just do come to Kunming to play a few days." One came from Chongqing, said the parents, send their children to school, in addition to taking into account the safety factor, but also want to witness a new course with their children, after all, the university is an important step in life. However, there are a lot of "alternative"". This year, 19 year old guy a classmate is a single car from Qujing to. "Parents want to send me to report, but I think into the university has meant that he went to the community, a lot of things need to solve and bear their own." In this regard, the school admissions office director Li Yongneng said that parents send their children to college, that is to express a love, but also with the children to witness the joy of entering the University, this mood can be understood. But from another point of view, such as cleaning the dormitory health, making beds, hanging mosquito nets and so on these things, should let the child independent. It is worth mentioning that, after 00 years to become college students. Yunnan Agricultural University this year, a total of 6400 full-time ordinary college enrollment, including the birth of the new born after 2000, 23. These "after 00" new students from the province, and in Qujing, students are; foreign students from Gansu, Chongqing and other places. It is reported that the "after 00" in primary school and junior high school freshmen are "skip" experience, and urban students than rural students. Yunnan information Li Jing相关的主题文章: