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YouTube Reds no longer rely on advertising and brand business cooperation life into the main sources of income Chinese station MyLifeAsEvaBI reported in October 8th that it may be a bit counterintuitive, but many YouTube Reds has indeed the main battlefield of transfer to a different platform, namely Instagram. Many YouTube Reds have achieved revenue diversification, many people also like YouTube station channel subscription PewDiePie ranked first in the same year tens of millions of dollars. In fact, the industry has been changing rapidly. In January of this year, BusinessInsider interviewed Scott · Fisher (Scott Fisher) and Adam · Viscott (Adam Wescott), who manages YouTube Reds such as MyLifeAsEva (7 million 200 thousand subscribers) and LaurDIY (4 million 200 thousand subscribers), when they said YouTube’s advertising revenue is mainly a way of earning money. Adam · wescoat but more than half a year later, the situation changed dramatically. Facebook and Instagram have become an important battlefield video stars, so we decided to make a return visit to wescoat, in order to understand what happened in this industry. For brands, Instagram is the priority among priorities while from Google (micro-blog) advertising revenue will provide income security for YouTube red people, but according to wescoat said, now the main source of income is no longer YouTube red people into advertising revenue, but in cooperation with the brands are some things such as sponsoring the video but the market is still expanding. LaurDIY wescoat said: "in the brand’s perspective, we only see all influence on the platform are improved." But Instagram is especially popular with the brand. He said: "I couldn’t tell you 8 months ago that we would be working on the Instagram platform as we do now. At that time it was not the mainstream, and was often regarded as a supplementary means." But now that Instagram has become mainstream, why? Viscott said: it is more controllable in the creative aspects, this is a photograph and a short video contrast." And the audience on the Instagram platform is very large. When the Instagram in early 2016 by the Snapchat challenge, but from the perspective of its sponsored content defeat the opponent. Viscott said: "there is a period of time in the spring of the brand are very interested in Snapchat, but I think you should know, Instagram launched ‘Instagram Stories’, the situation immediately reversed. Instagram Stories is Instagram launched specifically for Snapchat]相关的主题文章: