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The youth version of "Huang Feihong" will launch lively funniest concern ever – "Huang Feihong" from the entertainment Sohu Sohu a state scholar of no equal entertainment news by the famous director Jiang Jiajun served as director, served as producer, Zheng Kai Shakespeare, starring Bea Hayden; by the Shanghai Yu Xuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Teana Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shanghai New Dragon Gate film Ltd, Shanghai Fei Bao culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced large martial arts giant TV drama "Huang Feihong" a state scholar of no equal in April of this year has been officially fixing, the show has entered the post production stage. It is reported that the "Huang Feihong" on the Internet called "Youth" version of Huang Feihong, from the plot to the lines to the actors all exudes youthful vigor, with 90 fresh and colorful, staged 80 and interesting, even some 50 are humorous. Starring play two strength, is not only the value of Yan and funny play, the crew is also called "chowhound" play. This young man with a new vision to create a legend, it seems very desirable. The crew officially wrapped, the film side officially released the official poster, inside the characters very stunning debut. It is from the poster to feel the character’s personality. With the release of posters, "Huang Feihong" more and more attention. According to the news, the new version of the "Huang Feihong" compared to the old version of a more emotional drama, the drama Zheng Kai was almost surrounded by beautiful women, there are thirteen aunt, Cen Huihui, de Heise etc. beauty accompanied, enjoy "lascivious" blessing. After the official release of the poster, micro-blog also broke out a lot of actors in private photos. In the brothers Zheng Kai and Former friends become enemies with each other. by privately sell adorable photo. Huang Feihong and his apprentice partner is elegant style. National goddess Bea Hayden and the little cheetah together became the two group of funny. These spontaneous text let netizens could not help but have forwarded praise. The official said, in the plot, the new version of "Huang Feihong" compared to before many classic version added a lot more in line with the current setting of the story plot, let the generation of martial arts master was too profound to be understood more amiable and easy of approach. In the lines and character set, but also added a lot of today’s words and related design elements, all let the whole drama show ingenuity showing youth style, giving the audience a new understanding of Huang Feihong. For the upcoming broadcast of "Huang Feihong", many netizens also a state scholar of no equal, this works have strong expectations. In order to facilitate everyone to watch, the film side is the use of the network platform network mode.   相关的主题文章: