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The young girl says, divorce is not really breaking up! – "stranger" health Sohu [love] this series are basically confused people to register after consultation, to erase all personal privacy, then written up. My intention is to help me sort out my own ideas, because "how to look at and analyze feelings rationally" is not as easy as it sounds. Surprisingly, many people have seen, send private messages to express gratitude, say in life to really help themselves. I was surprised to hear that I thought the emotion of "common sense" was not all "consensus", while also very happy some of their own ideas can be really valuable. This series of follow-up will continue to update a few articles, hope a spectator in the use of human "Empathy" himself "into" others to go in the story, don’t be overly entangled in the "right and wrong", but think about it: "a love partner, how come this step today.? Our own, but also how to avoid it? As the saying goes, "every family has a hard time.". How can I read it? Hope this paper can provide a possible way of thinking. Hello, I’ve been with my girlfriend for months. With her I think I change a lot, also very happy. When shopping she clasped my arm, wake up in the morning to see her I couldn’t help shouting her name, she would love to go to the supermarket will want to eat what, the weekend will do her love to eat vegetables, or even think of where to go after the honeymoon. She said she also changed a lot, people around her said she became a woman, and began to learn to cook, the whole state is not the same. But some of the recent events, so she wanted to break up. First, we made an appointment to see a movie at home on Friday night, she came home early, and I forgot it, home late. She is very angry, think such an important thing, I forgot to say, I didn’t put her in the heart, no heart. The two is that we go out to play, the end of the evening is relatively late, the day she went back to her parents live. At that time I was too tired, really tired, the body is also a little uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. So I told her to help her, but she didn’t give her. She agreed at the time, but then called to ask why I didn’t send her home. I said a taxi can also be sent to the door, she is still not satisfied. Then she felt like I couldn’t give her what she wanted. She didn’t want me to change anything for her. If she asked for it, it wouldn’t be natural. She wants me to be the one who makes her happy. I really did wrong, but I think I did not completely take heart. For example, poor memory, I really don’t have a good memory, I was also the important things in the house of the book, but to forget. For example, I don’t care, in fact I’m usually very concerned about some of the details of her, including her love, not what love what I have in mind, at any time can tell. library相关的主题文章: