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Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park sewage treatment company was fined 8 million 730 thousand yuan – Beijing, Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park sewage treatment company was fined 8 million 730 thousand yuan of wastewater discharged into the Yangtze River chemical agent interference monitoring Nanjing Beijing November 11 Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 11, reporters from the Yangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park sewage treatment enterprises — Hyflux new spring water (Yangzhou) Limited for wastewater emissions exceed the standard, the local environmental protection departments to implement the daily penalty of the enterprise, fined a total amount of 8 million 730 thousand yuan. The company was fined to assume the Yangzhou chemical industrial park wastewater centralized treatment of integrated wastewater treatment plant, the formation of two 40 thousand tons of daily processing scale, tail water discharged into the Yangtze river. Over the years there can not discharge, reported by the masses, the state environmental protection department in 2013 to the Yangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to strengthen Hyflux new spring water (Yangzhou) limited supervision, ensure the wastewater discharge standards. "In the Yangzhou chemical industry park, a total length of 42 kilometers of sewage collection pipe network, chemical enterprises all strung in the park. Gurgle and hundreds of millions of wastewater pretreated by special pipe conveying, processing scale of 40 thousand tons of solstice "Hyflux new spring water (Yangzhou) Co. Ltd. Qingshan centralized sewage treatment plant, centralized emission standards." This is the Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park director Wang Qingshan on several occasions to introduce their "pollution control", Wang Qingshan said, over the years by adhering to the "source of pollution + iron pollution, gurgle became the construction of green chemical industry park lucky. Now it seems lack of supervision, a good move is empty talk. This company is the Yizheng Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of key regulatory enterprises, in the inlet and outlet of the installation of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and other online monitoring device remote monitoring. According to reports, the local environmental protection department at the end of last year, Yizheng Environmental Protection Bureau received a report of the enterprise wastewater emissions exceed the standard. To report, environmental protection personnel quickly attack, divided into two groups of sampling survey found that the enterprise without interference detection reagent wastewater. "Enterprise wastewater on-line monitoring facilities by the outlet of the third party supervision, in the end add pharmaceutical interference monitoring, which was first discovered in Jiangsu." In this regard, the local environmental protection department after the sampling test confirmed that the company exceeded emissions. Immediately, the environmental protection department issued a "order to correct violations of the decision," and urge enterprises to rectification, and impose a fine of more than 150 thousand yuan. In the review, the environmental protection department found that the rectification of the enterprise is not in place. Once again ordered the rectification after June and September of this year, a spate of wastewater emissions exceed the standard of enterprise. In the past, the illegal enterprises can only impose a fine of 150 thousand yuan, then, why this ticket amount so great? Environmental Protection Bureau of law enforcement personnel, the new "environmental protection law" is a provision of consecutive daily fines, namely after issued shall be ordered to correct illegal behavior decision track review, if the enterprise still exceed the standard is every day in accordance with the administrative penalty decision of the amount of punishment, this enterprise for up to more than and 40 days, so the cumulative amount reached 8 million 730 thousand yuan. In line with corporate responsibility, responsible for the environment attitude, out of a ticket, the environmental protection department also organized a number of experts on sewage相关的主题文章: