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Yang Yang was accused of acting stiff and artificial response: if fewer roles can only fight Beijing September new network in 2, according to the Taiwan – expression "China times news, Yang Yang starred in the TV drama" smiled very little "popularity, the drama series" love break abuse is sweet "formula, male and female from the network game to love in the real world, high sweetness and plot development for fans fascinated, and he also became the teenage hearts of men of God, who plays" Xiao Nai "was named the users to restore the highest degree of role, with the development of the plot, he also slightly spoilers of the story let fans look forward to. According to reports, Yang Yang’s overbearing president handsome, calm and subtly malicious in the play, the talented but very emotionally loyal, perfect as "God", but such a high Yan value has also become part of the ‘part, think he is a 360 degree hassle looks, but in acting but particularly stiff, affectation. In the face of negative comments on Yang Yang tactfully response because the character of few words, "often need some subtle facial expressions to reflect the psychological activities, and therefore will emphasize lens facial expressions, but hardcore scene that could enjoy her actor’s handsome face is not what is not good. In addition, with the development of the plot, the more intimate Yang Yang Xiao Nai and Zheng Shuang played in the play has become slightly Bei relations, frequent interaction of 2 people in almost every hour and moment flash, sweet move melt many fans, and he has a little spoilers, "I think this movie will become more beautiful, will be back to the sweet, I will be back, it seems sweet" male and female love line is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: