YAHOO’s fourth quarter revenue decline has begun to assess the divestiture of non strategic assets-3edyy

YAHOO fell in fourth quarter revenue has begun to divest non strategic assets assessment of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market stocks Sina News Beijing time 3 days morning Reuters, YAHOO announced on Tuesday that the company continues to seek up internet business at the same time. In the evaluation of other strategic options. The company also announced that it would lay off about 15% jobs and close offices in five locations. YAHOO shares fell 1.4% in after hours trading on Tuesday. The company says it will streamline its portfolio and have begun to assess the divestiture of non strategic assets. YAHOO also posted a quarterly drop in revenue by 15% in the fourth quarter of the year after. The company struggled with Facebook and Alphabet’s Google to keep market share of online search and display advertising. YAHOO CEO Meijer has been trying to reinvigorate the company’s media and online advertising core business and attract more users to its website through massive spending. In December, Meijer suggested that YAHOO split its major businesses, including search engines, digital advertising and email services. In the fourth quarter of December 31st, YAHOO used to attract users to browse their website’s spending, that is, traffic acquisition costs (TAC) increased to $271 million, compared with $74 million a year earlier. After deducting the cost of cooperative sites, YAHOO revenue fell from $1 billion 180 million to $1 billion. YAHOO reported a loss of $4 billion 430 million in the fourth quarter, or a loss of $4.7 per share, the same period last year net profit of $166 million 300 thousand, earnings per share of $0.17. After deducting special items, YAHOO’s earnings per share was $0.13, which was in line with analysts’ average estimate. YAHOO closed at $29.06 Tuesday, down 35% in the past 12 months. (end) (Zheng Yin Li Shuang compiling revisers Xu Wenyan Du Mingxia) (Lu Tou) editor: yoshikoto

雅虎第四季营收下降 已开始评估剥离非战略资产 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间3日上午路透称,雅虎周二宣布,公司在继续寻求反向拆分互联网业务的同时,还在评估其它战略选项。   该公司亦宣布,将裁员约15%,并关闭在五个地点的办公室。   雅虎股价在周二的盘后交易中下跌1.4%。   该公司称,将精简产品组合并已经开始评估剥离非战略资产。   雅虎周二还公布第四季经调整后季度营收下降15%,公司面对Facebook以及Alphabet旗下谷歌的激烈竞争,为保住线上搜索和显示广告的市场份额而苦苦挣扎。   雅虎首席执行官梅耶尔一直试图重振该公司媒体和在线广告核心业务,通过大举支出吸引更多用户访问其网站。   梅耶尔在12月建议,雅虎拆分主要业务,其中包括搜索引擎、数字广告及其电邮业务。   12月31日止的第四季,雅虎用于吸引用户浏览其网站的支出,即流量获取成本(TAC)增至2.71亿美元,上年同期为7,400万美元。   扣除给合作网站的费用后,雅虎营收由11.8亿美元降至10亿美元。   雅虎公布第四季亏损44.3亿美元,或每股亏损4.7美元,上年同期为净利1.663亿美元,每股盈余0.17美元。   扣除特殊项目后雅虎每股盈余0.13美元,符合分析师平均预估。   雅虎周二收报29.06美元,过去12个月跌35%。(完)   (编译 郑茵 李爽 审校 徐文焰 杜明霞) (路透) 责任编辑:吉言相关的主题文章: