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Xinxiang coach car has two students tragic accident died on the spot at noon on November 13th, in the Plains Road, Yuhua driving a coach car and a van collided, killing 3 people on board the coach. Someone’s vehicle driving school – Yuhua school at noon, in the WeChat circle of friends, a tragic traffic accident video make people sigh. Picture shows the scene of the car accident miserable, a coach parked in the green belt, serious damage to the body, a woman unconscious in the car, 120 emergency personnel are trying to rescue, a damaged new van parked at a distance not far, surrounded by pedestrians. The picture shows the scene of the accident too horrible to look at multi inquire after the reporter found, someone’s vehicle driving picture – Yuhua driving. At 4 pm, in Yuhua station, the reporter saw the driving school, driving school responsible person surnamed li. Mr. Li said there was a problem. The coach in the accident was his driving school, and he just came back to deal with the related matters. He introduced, at 11:55 in the morning, a driving car in their driving school in the plain east road from east to west, driving to the intersection of seven road, and a new van without license collision. In the accident, all of a total of 3 men and two women were killed on board the coach. Among them, men’s coach, two female students in the famous river normal students. Mr. Li further explained, in accordance with the usual practice, their driving school is often in every Saturday and Sunday will take students to the subject two test site to see the examination room, simulation training. On the day of the incident, the coach took the trainees back to the city from the examination room training, but unfortunately suffered a traffic accident on the way. For everyone concerned at that time the coach speed is too fast, who opened the car and the other driver status, etc., Lee said that because the parties have been killed, the specific circumstances of the incident is now hard to say, everything is only after the police investigation. The understanding of victims of coaches is male, 28 years old this year, just apply to Yuhua driving when driving coach, no bad record. At present, the police are investigating the accident. (source plain Evening News)

新乡教练车发生惨烈车祸 两名大学生当场身亡   11月13日中午,在平原东路,市育华驾校一辆教练车与一辆面包车发生碰撞,教练车上3人死亡。 涉事车辆的驾校——育华驾校   当天中午,在微信朋友圈里,一段惨烈的交通事故的视频让人唏嘘不已。画面中显示的车祸现场惨不忍睹,一辆教练车停在绿化带里,车身损坏严重,车内一名女子昏迷,120 急救人员正在施救,一辆受损的崭新面包车停在不远处,周围围满行人。 画面中显示的车祸现场惨不忍睹   经过多方打探,记者找到了画面中涉事车辆的驾校——育华驾校。下午4 时许,在育华驾校东站分校,记者见到了驾校李姓负责人。李先生说确实有此事,事故中的教练车是他们驾校的,他刚处理完相关事宜回来。他介绍,当天上午11 时55 分,他们驾校的一辆教练车在平原东路从东往西行驶,行驶至经七路交叉口附近,与一辆无牌照的崭新面包车发生碰撞。事故中,教练车上一男二女共3人全部遇难。其中,男士为教练,两名女学员中有名河师大学生。   李先生进一步解释,按照惯例,他们驾校往往在每周六、周日会带学员去科目二考点看考场,模拟训练。事发当天,该车教练员带学员从考场训练返回市区,途中却不幸遭遇车祸。   对于大家关心的当时教练车车速是否过快、谁开的车以及对方司机状况等情况,李先生表示由于当事人已不幸遇难,事发时的具体情形如今不好说,一切都等警方调查后才清楚。   经了解,遇难教练员是名男性,28岁,今年刚应聘到育华驾校当教练,驾驶无不良记录。   目前,警方正在对这起事故进行调查。   (来源 平原晚报)相关的主题文章: