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Xinhua News Agency: do you know the reason why you can not win 5 defenders? Can’t the five defenders really win Iran? The first home court, in special meaning of the "land" in Shenyang, all China love football, they hope to see a dare to attack the offensive football team beat Iran, once brought us "the Jinzhou fiasco". But from the strength, even if the tactics used in the extreme, it can counter attack opponents? The voice of the parties after the interview from my perspective, one is perhaps the best results we can spell out, and those who study tactics to "folk master" level "to understand Timor", also need to give rational evaluation and support of the coach of the "high risk occupation" and he’s fight to the extreme the country foot soldiers, and we should not be able to power the World Cup qualifying, with the Orangemen fought side by side to the end. Before the game, I do not want the country to continue to play against Korea’s Wei Wei system, because the conditions and characteristics of the existing players, in my opinion does not adapt. Remember more than two months before the European Championship, the Italy team has been concerned, I have on this set in order to suppress the Spanish football transfer control and "Italy" defense system has been concerned. The essence of this set of tactics is that the three centre backs need understanding and the height of the position to adapt, and have a very strong complementary defense consciousness, who rob, who later, how to minimize between three people is easy for the opponent to penetration of the "gap", all need to accumulate experience and sharpen. Moreover, with the defender wings of defense, is more suitable for modern football to be equipped with the concept of "universal backs", their technical and physical must be satisfied by the guard to attack transformation 532 to 352 formation between, can play the power of The weak overcame the strong. tactics. However, the national foot of this tactic in the 12 game of the second attempt, apparently only played a defensive half effect. They have withstood the Iran team to the right the offensive, but the defender between the degree of understanding is still not enough, such as goalkeeper Zeng Cheng’s attack is injured, because a defender dragged, no companion in the defense, Iran team was caught when counter penetration. At the same time, Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang in the wings are basically defensive, which greatly weakened the offensive side. From the platform operation data set of domestic sports ice DATA "data, the right to respond to the Iran renhang offensive offensive no eye-catching performance; although Zhao Mingjian assists to assume more tasks, but only 3 times, 2 times and 1 pass break key passes. No support wings and the road in the first half, the Orangemen did not hit into a propulsive position to attack only on a right-wing free kick and Zhang Yuning’s long-range threat, passing team goal, let a person feel played no content. In the second half, the defense has confidence, the team began to dare to attack, Zhang Linpeng forward pass, to create the best chance, but failed to score Wu lei. In contrast, the overall disadvantage of "high army", can get 1 results in not the tactic to connect with, is not easy. Can you imagine, even more familiar with the return of the 4231 system, the country can really beat Iran? This is a big question mark. From.相关的主题文章: