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"Bob" set file 10.28 Joe fir: this does not play major health Sina entertainment news on September 12th afternoon, Joe, "Jin Shan curator" Cui Chengguo, Xu Juncong starred in the comedy film "Xiao Ming and his buddy" in Beijing held a tribute to the Youth Theme fixed gear conference. The conference is full of nostalgia: creative film was wearing a red scarf to chat role; Joe fir site first guess the song game, self styled "Chinese cartoon song killer"; the conference final, the cast is playing the slot machine, to shake out the schedule, announced that the film will be officially released in October 28th. Full of nostalgia Joe fir styled "killer" Chinese cartoon song to fit the movie atmosphere before the start of the conference the reporter received souvenir has been full of all the memories. Gift bag filled with "fig", "screwed up" almost discontinued 80, 90 student snacks, full of nostalgia. The main wearing red scarf full scene, chat with you the role. In the quiz game animation song, Joe Shan PA KO again and again, all the creative and led his team won the final victory. When the host asked why so familiar with so many different era cartoon theme song, "Joe Shan joked:" I now have often relive those animation." He is more self styled "killer Chinese cartoon song". Joe Shan do not play big health, golden curator in the film show Chinese Xiao Ming can be said to be active in our childhood friends, often appear in the math problems, essay questions. As to the "Ming" IP comedy film, film itself is not about student story, but an adult oriented comedy carnival. Joe Shan said, he played the role of a man is as much as life, extremely stingy, but the truth is not the audience thought. When asked whether there are signs in the movie big health plot, Joe Shan smiled and shook his head: "not every drama to wash, then wash also niwai." Expression package "gold curator" emperor Cui Chengguo at the scene for everyone to show signs of demonic laughter, but also bring expression package three at a time for everyone. At the same time, the site needs to be accompanied by the translation of Cui Chengguo revealed that he will show the Chinese in the film, I hope everyone will be. At the end of the conference, together creative playing slot machines, to shake out the film schedule announced that the film will be officially released in October 28th. (Antoine Bloch Intern Shen Danlingwen) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: