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Xiangxi Phoenix wonderful debut third Sichuan International Tourism Fair from the phoenix county travel bureau, recently at the opening of the third session of Sichuan international tourism fair, Xiangxi Phoenix wonderful debut, quality tourism resources of ancient Phoenix Town, the mysterious, beautiful south mountain Miao fam, attract exhibitors from around the world to stop ask. In the exhibition site, the reporter also saw, Phoenix Miaoxiu, batik art such as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition for exhibitors and local people linger, have picked up the self artifact with photo. "Wow! The batik dress is really beautiful, I take a back, so that there is a mood, next time I must go to the Phoenix the batik shop Amoy Taobao." Miss Wang from Sichuan, Chengdu, said to her friend. It is reported that the international tourism fair with tourism trade · open cooperation: promoting the revitalization of Silk Road Economic Belt "as the theme, Sichuan province is one of the most important theme tourism activities once a year, attracted from the United States, Germany, France, Malaysia and other 47 countries and regions of the tourism industry guests. Activities will be carried out eight main activities, namely the opening ceremony, Emei forum, Asia Pacific travel business conference, the theme of city guest country publicity week, southwest tourism public record alliance opening ceremony, boutique tourist routes in Sichuan province experience activities, Sichuan tourism project signing ceremony, Leshan tourism global marketing launch ceremony. (Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau website)相关的主题文章: