Wuhan this Thursday to restart the roadside parking fees up to 25 yuan per day-kimi wo omou melodi

Wuhan this Thursday to restart the roadside parking daily maximum of 25 yuan in the future all the staff will wear uniforms, to check the inspection of the parking fee parking lot for map city investment company reporter correspondent Zhang Sheng Ye Huosheng this month 29, the city roadside parking fees to start trial operation. Yesterday, at the start of the city road parking wisdom news briefing, Wuhan City Investment Management Limited investment in the construction of parking lot (hereinafter referred to as the city investment company parking lot) relevant responsible person said, at present there are 13 thousand parking spaces for trial operation in November 1st, the city’s road toll, parking fees will be officially running. Parking spaces are fully aware of the facilities, the charges are divided into two categories. The ring line is a kind of charging area, as early as 7 to 9, small car first hours fee of 3 yuan, up from second hours to 4 yuan per hour, every day a total of not more than 25 yuan; second line for two class area of charge, as early as 7 to 8, 2 yuan per hour for small cars every day, tired of not more than 8 yuan. Analysis of the Related Research Institute of city traffic development strategy, and near the parking fee price and the highest fees has a certain gap, to guide the owners to use public transportation in the city center area, try to drive less positive. Will be put into operation in the 13 thousand parking spaces are clear coding, and all have induction facilities, as long as a vehicle parked in the parking spaces, the system can be found on the background and timing. Free parking for 15 minutes, once the owners did not pay over this time, we will arrange the traffic inspection and inspection personnel on-site treatment." Above the person in charge said. During the trial operation of registered mobile phone will receive 500 yuan coupons for car owners, the most convenient to use Wuhan road smart parking system must download "Wuhan parking" client or "Wuhan parking administrative micro-blog" WeChat public number, both need to be registered. Registration need to set the login password and payment password, and then according to the corresponding tips can be paid parking. Currently, as long as the registration of the public can get 500 yuan trial run user experience coupons can be used during the trial run. After the end of the trial run, the wisdom of the parking system will experience coupon cleared. During the trial run, there is no download client or pay attention to WeChat public number, will pay the parking fee by the time standard. At the same time, the city investment company parking lot in order to facilitate the part not to use the mobile phone to the public, the telephone payment also opened, the registered owner of prepaid call 027-88221111, by way of using the pre buy parking spaces in accordance with the voice prompt. At the same time, the public can also be in Wuhan parking official website and the construction of more than 10 business outlets to pay. The owner did not pay the cost of credit will pay the parking lot city investment company responsible person said, since the start of trial operation, the roadside inspectors will take pictures of evidence, the owners will not pay for SMS calls, on-site inspection, publish in the newspaper owners, even the court, the owners will be included in the credit system. According to the "Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the central city of my city road parking fees related to the notice", the scope of intelligent parking fees for the相关的主题文章: