Wuhan CPI up the chain or double down are the price of pork and fresh vegetables-w32dasm

Wuhan CPI up the chain or double down are the price of pork and fresh vegetables in October, Wuhan CPI rose 2.2%, or 0.2 percentage points lower than last month, the chain fell 0.3%. CPI up the chain or double down, mainly due to the decline in the price of pork and fresh vegetables. According to the survey data released yesterday showed that in October, Wuhan food prices fell 1.4%, CPI fell 0.27 percentage points, vegetables, pork, poultry, fish, fruit and other prices are falling. In October, local Qiucai market increased, the average price of fresh vegetables slightly down 0.5%, 24 kinds of fresh vegetables monitored 14 price, fell to 58.3%. After the fall of temperature, the survival rate of finished products in the process of transportation increased, the cost decreased and the price dropped. The supply of poultry and aquatic products market, compared with last month, freshwater fish prices fell 4.5%, sea fish prices fell by 2.9%, chicken prices fell by $1.2%, duck prices fell by 0.3%. In addition, in October the price of pork has declined slightly, a decline of 5.1%, autumn fruit market, fresh fruit prices fell 0.4% last month. The investigation team analysis, in October, Wuhan CPI fell, mainly due to food, meat, poultry, fish, vegetable prices lower. However, at present our city food prices are generally higher than the same period last year, non food clothing, medicines and other prices are still rising, but the increase in the prices of refined oil and later a new round of medical service price reform, may bring about the related fields of price adjustment, which may drive the related industrial chain price the rise, so the overall price is still upward pressure. (reporter correspondent Xiao Di correspondent Zhou Guangyu)相关的主题文章: