Wuhan, a real estate price bureau will highlight 15% off freezing interviews (video)-solid converter

Wuhan, a real estate price bureau will highlight 15% off freezing point even on interviews, a number of readers to reflect this, claiming that the Lincoln Park Qiaokou Blue House "15% off freezing prices, they went to the market after the discovery, the property also did not get the pre-sale permit, the opening time, the house price has not been determined." the 15% off end can deliver?" Property buyers questioned false discount yesterday, work in Hankou Xunlimen near Ms. Yang told reporters that work every day, she can see Lincoln Park first opened 15% off Qiaokou ads in the vicinity of the unit on the electronic screen, "Wuhan is now basically rely on the sale of housing grab, hit 15% off, what is the problem or my house the ability to understand a problem?" Ready to buy the first suite in Qiaokou District of Mr. Liu, is seen in the "15% off" ad ran to the house. Mr. Liu said, he asked the sales clerk, after the discount price of the house price how much in the sales department, the other only told him after the discount price at 12000 yuan square meters, the price discount is based in Gutian District, the average price of new homes. Liu can not accept this price and give up in the sale of real estate, bluntly, this is false propaganda, false discount." Yesterday morning, the Yangtze River Daily reporter based on these reflect the situation of field visits. Xunlimen Jiefang Avenue, North Sanhuan line have blue Linkin Park "15% off point price" multiple ads, also attracted a lot of people to watch the eyebrows. In random interviews, some people said that 15% off discount efforts, and speculation may be the house and lots of good, there is also a part of the public directly in the advertising expression question, "it is a seller’s market, absolutely impossible to have such a big discount efforts." Developers that the purpose is to attract the eye then the Yangtze River Daily reporter went to the blue Linkin Park real estate sales site. In the real estate marketing center, many showings asked prices, invariably ask specific circumstances 15% off discount, and the most direct property consultant said, after folding, large-sized apartment price 11000 yuan square meters, large-sized apartment price 13000 yuan square meters, the overall average price of about 12000 yuan per square meter. During the interview, the reporter asked how much the property consultant, is the basis of price 15% off preferential discount price is the other said, based in Gutian District, the average price of new homes, the Gutian area home price in 14000 yuan per square meter to 14500 yuan square meters, in addition to the real estate has no other concessions, opening time to be determined. Changjiang Daily reporters continue to ask, Gutian area of the new house price is constantly changing, the time to buy a house is now the average price of Gutian or to calculate the average price of the opening area. The other replied, after the opening price fold will be around 12000 yuan square meters." Changjiang Daily reporter learned that, due to the specific division of the region, including the difference between the real estate market, the current major research institutions in the area of the market price statistics have a certain gap, the average price gap even more than a thousand dollars. At the same time, the city Housing Authority released the price data, it is in accordance with the administrative region of statistics. Therefore, the Gutian area new home price statistics itself there is controversy. There are developers who say, sorry相关的主题文章: