World Bank air pollution is the fourth leading cause of death in the world – an annual loss of about-icesword

The World Bank: air pollution has become the world’s fourth largest cause of death each year, 5 million 500 thousand people were killed – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, according to foreign media reported on 8, the World Bank released a new report, stressed the importance of global air pollution caused by the loss, urging people to take urgent action to curb pollution. The report said, the global economy caused by indoor air pollution losses of up to $2 100 days output. And the world lost more than $5 trillion a year. Major losses caused by air pollution in Asia and other developing economies, a serious impediment to economic development. Developed countries also pay a high price for air pollution. India and Kampuchea lost 8% of their gross domestic product due to air pollution, the report said. The study is based on data from 2013, the latest data available to researchers. The report says about 5 million 500 thousand people worldwide have died of diseases caused by outdoor and indoor air pollution. Air pollution has become the world’s fourth leading cause of death after smoking, eating and obesity. Air pollution usually leads to cancer, heart, lung and respiratory diseases.相关的主题文章: