Workers pick up the phone prosecutors believe that it is a liar called the police, etc.-sweets parade

The workers then prosecutors believe the phone is a liar call the police and other home – Beijing seems mysterious and the scenery of the duty crime investigation work, is actually a war without smoke, not only tight and heavy task, but also to endure the bitterness of ordinary people unbearable. At this point, Jiangsu Province, Suqian city procuratorate anti ditch Secretary Jin Bo deep. Although the time has passed nearly two months, but in July this year when the evidence of those scenes often in his mind. In June this year, Sucheng District Procuratorate of a financial department investigation staff Liu and others suspected of dereliction of duty. In this case, some financial institutions suspected of fabricating false impersonation identity related loan contract, repeatedly taking national special incentive funds. After preliminary investigation, fraudulent use of identity has more than 100 people, mostly surrounding counties Township farmers. According to the information left by the loan contract, Jin Bo led the anti malfeasance Bureau police officers combed all the fraudulent use of identity address, contact information and family farmers make up book, began to talk of evidence. Jin Bo learned that some farmers go out to work, had to contact him by telephone. But let him think that some farmers think it is a fraud phone, and even the opportunity to explain to him not to hang up the phone. In late July of this year, one day, Jin Bo called the witness Wang phone. According to the person in charge of financial institutions account, the company had arranged for the identity of the identity of the staff with Wang fabricated 6 million yuan false loans. After the phone is connected, Jin Bo shows his identity, is ready to understand the situation, but the microphone was a liar, then hang up. Put down the phone, Jin Bo felt both annoying and ridiculous. As Wang is one of the key witnesses, the testimony of the detection of the case is crucial, Jin Bo had to pick up the phone again, after the use of local dialect call, I hope he can believe in himself. Unexpectedly, Wang is not until Jin Bo finished, put down a sentence: "you also sent to flicker, I didn’t fall for that." Then hang up the phone again. In desperation, Jin Bo had to his office phone number, identity, how to know their identity information and want to understand the cause of the message sent to Wang, told him to verify and then reply. Before long, Wang gave Jin Bo a phone call, said he was unable to return, if necessary, to find the location of their workers. Report to the House leadership, Jin Bo led the police officers rushed to the wang. But did not expect that, waiting for Jin Bo, not only Wang, as well as local police station police. It turned out that the message received Wang did not go to verify the situation, he still believes that it is a fraud phone, just holding the psychology of playing back to the phone. When Jin Bo was about to find him, he immediately called the police. After Jin Bo to produce work documents, Wang Moucai know, the original is really prosecutors to find their understanding of the situation, quickly apologized. After Jin Bo, several days of unremitting efforts, Liu and others suspected of dereliction of duty crime to identify the basic facts, the case successfully solved. (reporter correspondent Wang Yu, Zhao Bin)相关的主题文章: