Women’s Super League eleventh round of the Dalian women’s rights to reduce the leading edge-月丘うさぎ

The eleventh round of the Dalian women’s right to health in the afternoon of September 25th cut the lead female Super League, the Super League eleventh round, the Dalian women’s health right away against women’s Changchun rural commercial bank, the ultimate right to health in Dalian 1:3 lost to rivals, suffered their first defeat of the season, at the same time points was also Shanghai women could lead to narrow. In the four meetings this season (prior to the League FA Cup 1 times, 2 times, 1 times, Dalian Quan Jian tournament) women’s football team in the regular time have not beaten Changchun women, and by the end of the FA Cup, home court winning streak was eliminated because of Changchun women’s gift. Especially in the 14 FA Cup finals, missed 10 international and foreign aid situation, Dalian women’s right to health two round total score 1:2 defeat, missed the semi-finals, the Grand Slam dream. First, the Dalian women’s right to health and have certain change, foreign aid back injury Fabiana at right back, centre back is used on a combination of Li Dongna and Xue Jiao, Cong Qi as left back. Frontcourt, Captain Ma Xiaoxu did not start, young Zhao Yingying played as a striker partner Wang cream, both sides are on their side and foreign aid Dabola song. After the opening, the two sides did not have much temptation, directly into the attack rhythm, Changchun women’s use of Brazil foreign aid Darin’s personal ability from the impact of the Dalian road and Dalian women’s football team defense, the striker Wang Shuang, Song Duan et al speed threat to the opponent. Fourteenth minutes, Changchun football midfielder passes to the area, No. 11 Darin buckle guard score. Only after less than a minute, No. 10 in the middle of the road to shoot a shot. Opening only 15 minutes, the right to Dalian women’s football to 0:2 behind. Twentieth minutes, a corner, after Wang Shuang and his teammates, lob in the corner of the goal scored, draw a ball. In order to change the unfavorable situation on the field of Dalian, the right to health in the first half finished two substitutions, Ma Xiaoxu for thirtieth minutes, thirty-seventh minutes, Pang Cong Qi, Fengyue replaced the song in front of the end, intended to strengthen the attack and organization. 42 minutes, Dalian right to health corner, Ma Xiaoxu header hit the post before the robbery, and missed the opportunity to tie. The end of the first half, Dalian right health 1:2 behind. The second half of the game, the right to continue to strengthen the offensive in Dalian, and even the formation of a siege of the Changchun team goal. Forty-eighth minutes, Dalian won the right to health right front kick, direct shot was goalkeeper Wang Shuang’s bottom line. Fifty-fourth minutes, Dabola had scored a goal, but was blown offside, but from the replays, this ball is worth discussing. Fifty-eighth minutes, Li Wen shot out slightly again. Occupy the edge of the Dalian women’s football team has not scored. Dalian women’s right to health and the opponent by massive pressure on the playing back, dangerous times, and finally in eighty-ninth minutes and then scored a goal to seal the victory. Finally, the Dalian women’s right to health irretrievable, 1:3 away defeat to Changchun women, suffered their first defeat of the season. After losing the game, ahead of Dalian women’s right to health is also reduced, another game, Shanghai women’s football game victory over Jiangsu team, points tied Dalian the right to health, only the outcome of the relationship between the disadvantage ranked second, so in this season more than Yu相关的主题文章: