Woman 8 days postpartum by her husband mother-in-law was ordered to keep the three obediences and th-poper

Woman 8 days postpartum by her husband mother-in-law was ordered to keep domestic violence micro-blog 17 screenshots of the three obediences and the four virtues, friends @ William Lewis claimed, and Putian Hanjiang District of beating just the production soon wife, and took away the child. At the same time posted between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dialogue video, some views, such as "get married after going back home, the three obediences and the four virtues" is home to face "," you can only recognize our relatives"…… Let Xiaobian think he still lives in the feudal society…… The network posted a day caused tens of thousands of forwarding, the local police today (18) morning at about 10 notice: police informed due to the pressure of public opinion, the man found the mediator, the woman is asked to delete the online public opinion, then the child back to small. Small family in order to be able to go back to the child, but also agree with the man this condition, just learned that the child has returned to his mother’s embrace. The afternoon of the 18 day 1 will hold the child back to the hospital, but the birth certificate does not come back, little father please women are negotiating in. The man said he could call them when they were vaccinated. Small family are angry, women also help in the mediation. The original network posted: November 15th, together with the chilling Hanjiang District of Putian City, two food commercial city occurred in domestic violence cases. The implementation of domestic violence is a mother and son, domestic violence is an object after just 8 days of the maternal parent were maternal grandmother and her husband! We can not help but ask, what kind of hatred, can let the mother-in-law and her husband to strike violently just 8 days postpartum daughter-in-law! The injured in the hospital and at the scene of her maternal narrative person, we understand the whole event after roughly and lead to reasons for the adverse events of domestic violence. Mother, small, and her husband Yang in February this year, licensing, May do wine, it is new period. Shortly after, small successful pregnancy, thought the happy marriage has a better. Her small points and boasted to marry the three obediences and the four virtues, he is one of her relatives other than their parents can occasionally visit, they are not allowed to contact the rest. Small can not accept, it is outrageous, her husband had no objection, small little resistance, it is the body. More chilling is that father mother not only did not discourage, sometimes even to help beat! All of this small dare not to say, until July, and her husband again small quarrel, the husband told small parents in the past, and the small but actually her parents make impertinent remarks, it is my son can teach you! A variety of acts, it is cold teeth! Even more unexpected is that the early morning of the second day mother-in-law unexpectedly let small to abortion, also said it would help her a month! Small angry, ready to pack up and go home, but found that the insurance box placed all his jewelry keys have take wings to itself! Small helpless, can only go back to her home. Unexpectedly, the two discuss divorce laws, even to small jewelry dowry return make unfounded countercharges! His baby is nearly 5 months, small reluctant, decide by herself. Wait until the baby is born, do not want to, is this!相关的主题文章: