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With the enhanced sense of responsibility – Theory – people.com.cn according to the Commission website bulletin from the "reasonable", the first half of this year, the country due to fulfill the "two responsibilities" and lack of accountability of leading cadres of more than 7600. This fully reflects the party’s accountability, accountability must be strict principles. Most of the accountability of leading cadres serious convinced, but there are a few leading cadres think impassability, feel suffocated, even. Gas is not due to reason unknown". It is necessary to correctly understand and properly deal with the relationship between autonomy and law, internal and external causes, contingency and necessity. Some of the leading cadres accountable, lips often complained: "I have strict requirements on their own, can be said to be strict self-discipline, abstinence, how come to this end?" Abide by Party discipline, abstinence, this is a basic requirement for the party constitution. Some leading cadres are accountability, is not the main self-discipline consciousness is not strong, strict self-discipline, and law consciousness, he is not the responsibility of leadership. The so-called "lead" leadership, to lead and lead the demonstration, "guide" to find problems and correct mistakes. In recent years, some cadres are chained and thrown into prison, sadly sigh. Leading cadres at all levels only under strict demands of subordinates, to do the regulatory responsibility, will effectively guide subordinates to strengthen self-discipline, reduce the possibility of violation of discipline. As the leading cadres, only to achieve personal abstinence, alone is not enough, nor is the exemption ", must take strict supervision token granted by the emperor" responsibility to bear up, Zhuazao grasping small, love off to reflect the daily education and supervision, to create a good political environment clean officer. A leading cadres were exempt from the post, heart nest fire: subordinate units frequently occur serious disciplinary problems, which is the system is not perfect, there are loopholes in the mechanism, why should I?" The current anti-corruption situation is severe and complicated, unwholesome tendencies and corruption prone, and this mechanism is not perfect and is certainly relevant, but the fundamental reason is the ideals and beliefs, some party members and cadres of party spirit and discipline is a problem, is also the party organization managing party lost in the loose soft body responsibility for the implementation and oversight responsibilities ineffective. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that as long as the real tube really strict, dare to control the courage, the Party style construction can not solve the problem. Can be seen, the reason why the leading cadres are accountability, institutional loopholes are external causes, leading cadres dereliction of duty is internal. Internal cause is the basis, is the first cause, the external cause is the condition, is the second reason. Leading cadres must correctly grasp and handle the relationship between the internal and external factors, not at the time of the accident, no matter when muddle along pushed down unloading, and even take the loopholes in the institutional mechanisms as a shield, must be able to find the reasons from their own duty, countermeasures, pay close attention to the discipline construction, with a good team, take responsibility, do it really really strict, tube dare to dare, Yan Yan long length pipe. Some leading cadres of accountability, the hearts of grievances: "difficult or too casual, for others, will be accountable." This leading cadres accountability is seemingly accidental, but in reality is the inevitable result and do not perform their duties or do not perform their duties properly. Some of the leading cadres in the eyes of the only business, long-term neglect of the party building; some units "Ming rule" name real相关的主题文章: