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Home-and-Family As we transition from a fossil fuel driven to a largely renewable energy world, it is important to stop and consider the details of any renewable energy project before moving forward. Wind turbine efficiency is obviously an extremely important factor in determining which home wind device to buy.But, what factors determine efficiency and how critical to your success is it that you get this right? Just like any home project, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later on if you spend some time on the front side of the project delving into the details… Microclimate – Wind turbines are very sensitive to where you locate them. Some are better at functioning in wind environments that are strong and steady and others are designed to handle strong microbursts of wind in a chaotic wind environment.When you are evaluating what kind and where to locate your turbine kit it is very important to consider the location and the specific wind aspect of the microclimate you happen to be thinking about. Every area around your house has a different microclimate, or wind signature. You would think that the wind around your backyard would be similar enough to the wind around your front yard, but that might not be the case. The microclimate is driven by the unique obstacles that drive the wind through it. In the case of a turbine mounted on a tower, the higher up you are able to place it, typically, the stronger the wind and the more productive your wind turbine will be at producing power for you. Efficiency of the Turbine Itself – Depending on exactly where you decide to put your wind turbine, you will need a wind device specifically suited for that wind environment. That means that you wouldn’t want to install a horizontal axis wind turbine that is efficient at converting a steady, strong wind on your roof, for example. That would be a mismatch and would likely create other problems, such as weakening the underlying surface of your roof. The blades are the primary part on the turbine that determine its efficiency. Aerodynamics and the material they are made out of are factors that will determine how effective they will be at harvesting the wind. It is a finely tuned balancing act that designers go through to optimize the efficiency of your blade system. While you want a low "cut-in" speed, or wind velocity at which you start to make power, that is a trade off with wind turbine efficiency performance at higher wind speeds. Summarizing – wind turbine efficiency must be weighed in any discussion of upfront cost. Your primary focus should be how much power the device will produce over its lifespan. It certainly won’t serve you well to buy a less expensive device that sub-optimizes power production in any case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: