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Willful owners of residential garage roof private houses (map) original title: eye opener! Dengfeng, a residential property owners very headstrong garage house lived in the Ying River Road and Songshan Road intersection Huafeng small Guo reflect said she lived in this district 3 floor, the night of September 22nd home, a balcony below more out of a house. One asked to know is the 2 floor tenants cover, downstairs there is a garage on the 2 floor tenants, the tenants on the floor directly in the garage on the floor of a layer of 2. Guo said that the 2 floor of a house just before the balcony and flat, stood on the balcony can see small courtyard, it can only see a dark room. Affect lighting does not say, there are security risks. This will be able to cover the roof directly into the balcony, although there are security windows, but still not practical. Ms. Guo to find 2 floor tenants consultation, but the tenants insisted on Building 2 floor. Guo said Huafeng district belongs to the small property room, for this thing in the district also nobody tube. No way she hit illegal construction supervision Songyang office telephone. Songyang investigation against Office Deputy Director Li Yingwei said, on the evening of 22 they received the report, rushed to the scene after the stop this behavior, and the site building tools are taken away, and ordered 2 headed one day to dismantle the building. But the 2 floor households today began construction, so the Songyang Office of the joint law enforcement unit for the removal of illegal construction according to law. We understand that the unauthorized construction, expansion of housing, without the approval of the garage, miscellaneous house; without scaffolding building basement wall; without on the house floor, to change the tone, height, open door all belong to the illegal construction. Illegal construction has seriously eroded the public resources of urban residents and damaged the interests of most people. In addition, disrupting the order of the construction plan, affecting the image of the city, buried security risks, endangering public safety. From the beginning of March 29th this year, illegal construction and illegal construction by Songyang office supervision, Li Yingwei said, we welcome supervision and reporting, will found a case of demolition of, will not be tolerated. Report phone number is 62833503! Now this illegal construction is still in the demolition, and the 2 floor tenants to avoid us. If all the people are like the 2 floor tenants like cover cover, Nazan social mess what ah. People, ah, still can not be too greedy selfish!! Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: