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Religion Why does it bother you when I communicate with spirits? The whole basis for religion is founded on the precept that spirit survives physical reality. Isn’t that what the resurrection is all about? Why then, would these very living souls not want to communicate with us from time to time? After all, aside from our clunky, temporary bodies, we really do seem to have quite a lot in common with them. It is obvious that we all came from the same place and will probably end up there, as well. You believe that any form of spirit communication has to be sanctified by the church. Isn’t that a bit of a power trip? No communicating without your safe stamp of "God Sent" approval. Any other exchange is considered to be from the devil. And who do you suppose determines which voice is for us or against us? You are. That’s why we need you to take our money and tell us what to do and who to go kill in times of war. It saddens me to think that so many humans have to grieve over departed loved ones when in fact, they could be enjoying each other’s company. They are starving when they could be seated at a feast. I know, you believe that all these souls are in a cosmic coma and so are frozen until the second coming. The minute we depend on man-made rituals to guide us, we surrender our limitless origin, and we become even more fettered by the constraints of earth. Consult a qualified Medium. I have done this twice now, and all my questions were answered concerning the person who passed.. You won’t have to worry about testing the clairvoyant for accuracy if he or she is real, because the energy picked up will astoundingly speak for itself. Everyone maintains conscious awareness when the body is used up or destroyed, and that is true regardless of the religious beliefs held while incarnated. Every intention, feeling and observation from that energy is alive and readable by a gifted person. Since there is no linear time in the spirit world, these impressions can be drawn from past present or future. Doesn’t it reassure you to know that we are so securely enmeshed in a system that won’t let us go? None of us goes any where. We are already there. We are simply involved in a process, which is learning how to love. Since we are all united, one soul’s lesson can be another’s lesson as well. I know, you believe that all these souls are in a cosmic coma so to speak, and so are frozen until the second coming. Is that the only way you are able to account for the vast, energetic abundance of spirits out there, and to keep them in their place? No talking now, and no having fun. And what is with all this guilt? Well, I will save that for another article. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: