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"White line" premiered on   evolution 11; for women tailored – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn beep beep, the white line commencement of evolution! Students, please note that the boys consciously stand behind, girls first please come here! In October 11th four, every Tuesday, on the evening of 10 points to 12 points, "white" in the YY LIVE system will evolve in time when mature classes, meaning "the Dean" Luo Gang will be on time in the studio, special reception natural beauty stay adorable white, with the attachment of wheat, the professor is very practical the knowledge content, improve the IQ, EQ, AQ, FQ, HQ, MQ and N Q, which has turned to their expectations, a cute little lady, evildoer…… Listen to the radio in 70, after 80 people, almost no one does not know Luo Gang. In the turn of the century, he hosted a radio program is regarded as a late emotion class program benchmark, in Hunan and even the whole country blew up a hitherto unknown listening frenzy. On the radio ten years, Luo Gang answered countless listeners called emotional telephone consultation, for tens of thousands of urban men and women to solve psychological problems, and therefore have five consecutive years was named the best talk show host China, limelight without the two. In 2011, he co authored the "careful! Men cheat you like this, once launched, it triggered a rush to buy, but also for the majority of women as emotional guidance bible! It is no exaggeration to say that in the field of gender emotional programs, Luo Gang’s professionalism and senior level has long been unquestionable. Therefore, when he joined the Hunan Reds Hall of culture media limited company announced the opening of the "white" evolution "of the Department of professional", those who have been rescued the enlightened brothers and sisters immediately applauded, bluntly want second speed "entrance" life for advanced! However, the Luo Gang "eccentric" very much, "white family" was for women only open the door for the tenderness of a small rabbit who risks difficult. As for the boys, although there is regret but do not have to lose heart, the program focuses on girls, but do not discriminate, as long as you have the heart, the students will also have a place to sit, listen to the question two. The first five female anti concept, smelly man to my side! "White line" evolution will be in this month 11 days a premiere, in addition to improve the urban white IQ, EQ and AQ, health quotient, mental quotient quotient and so on all kinds of programs, more creatively put forward the "five female anti concept, anti violence, anti fraud, anti mistress, prevention harassment and anti sex discrimination, the modern women" enemy ". In this regard, Luo Gang forthrightly said, "white line" evolution is designed for women tailored, is to do their best to "Dean, Professor of urban jungle they, that they really know how to protect themselves. In fact, this is not the first time Luo Gang designed for women’s emotional problems. In the publication of "care"! Men just lie to you "a book, Luo Gang had said" not bad men of pride laughing, "what do women always want to point. Several decades of research, has made Luo Gang become the "most women know better than women", the re opening of the new program, Luo Gang is to put themselves on the psychology of women and love)相关的主题文章: