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While her mother was in hospital please keep the passbook savings after the daughter daughter take the medical expenses to 12:00 yesterday, WeChat users "CY" circle of friends: daughter of such "filial piety" mother. Times reporter Zheng Shun correspondent Shangfa: Recently, Hangzhou City Court accepted the request to return the property case mother daughter. Mother liulaotai (a pseudonym) at the age of 88, they have two sons and one daughter. During the last year of liulaotai hospital, originally to help her manage deposit eldest son was ill, liulaotai will let the 60 year old daughter Liu (a pseudonym) caretaker of their identity card, pay card and passbook. Let liulaotai daughter on time to pay their own medical expenses, shopping etc.. But after a period of time, liulaotai medical need to spend money when the daughter refused. Liulaotai helpless, in July 25th the loss of his identity card, report the loss to the bank passbook after their 13 reissue, million yuan deposit and pension 50 thousand yuan, was daughter and boyfriend away. Liulaotai after deducting the corresponding medical expenses and other expenses after the return of 15 yuan. But Liu refused to return, but also to the ward, publicly claimed to sever the relationship between mother and daughter. So, liulaotai daughter to court. Trial, Ms. Liu admitted to take out his mother’s savings of 19 yuan. But she said that the mother has two critically ill, bedridden themselves are in intensive care with her boyfriend, my brother came to visit a month. In May and June this year, the mother’s condition improved, his brother asked to hand over his mother’s money. When the mother pointed out that her daughter is not filial piety, Liu turned to blame her mother’s bad temper, the mind is not clear, and asked her mother to pay the labor costs and the nursing home to see the mother’s transportation costs. The court held that, in this case, although the mother daughter entrusted the account name, but without the mother agreed to the withdrawal of a total of 195914.73 yuan, in addition to the mother’s approval allowance payments, daughter should refund the remaining funds. As for her daughter’s request to pay the service fee, there is no evidence to support the court inadmissible. Finally, the court ruled that the daughter shall return within ten days from the date of the birth of the mother of more than 15 yuan.相关的主题文章: