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UnCategorized Short term health insurance is an option that may suit your needs. For many who have been laid off and are in between jobs short term health insurance is definitely something to consider. As with standard insurance, all short term health insurance plans vary from company to company. Most insurance companies offering short term health insurance will protect themselves by excluding benefits for any pre existing illnesses, which in turn equate to sometimes much lower monthly premiums. Which will benefit anyone who is not working but still wants piece of mind that their family is covered for routine doctor visits or major medical emergencies. Many companies offer short term medical insurance to students. The terms of this insurance can last up to 36 months. The premiums are usually very low, sometimes as low as $45 monthly. Some insurance companies will continue to cover students even after graduation. This allows new graduates an opportunity to find out if they will be covered on a health insurance plan with their new employer. A problem for graduates arises if they let this short term health insurance coverage expire and are not covered under a health plan from their employer. They soon find themselves unemployed and without health insurance. Although college graduates usually feel they have no need for health insurance an accident or unexpected emergency set them back financially where they are unable to recover before even having their first full time job. One way of saving money with short term health insurance is to go on a restricted plan. This is where only certain doctors and hospitals are accessible through the plan. This type of plan might take some research to ensure there are qualified physicians in your area but the monthly cost savings could be well worth the time invested. Your family doctor could possibly be affiliated with the insurance company so their might not be any change necessary. In the past short term health insurance was something people only used in an emergency while traveling or a plan to hold them over between jobs. With the current financial climate the insurance companies have broadened the flexibility of short term health insurance making it more attractive to people who are willing to sacrifice less coverage for lower monthly premiums. These days, Short term health insurance is not just for the unemployed or for travelers but an option many people are looking at. As more people turn to short term health insurance the options will only get better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: