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What is the world’s largest real estate bubble risk financial center? Vancouver property market was Canada Vancouver housing sales plunged 23% Tencent financial news according to CNBC reports, the Swiss banking group released Tuesday in the 2016 global real estate bubble index shows that in close to the formation of the real estate market bubble in the city, since 2011 prices have increased by an average of nearly 50%. UBS pointed out that during the global financial crisis in 2008, Vancouver’s housing prices have not been affected, and commodity prices continued to rise during the fall trajectory. The report said, in the past two years, the strong demand for foreign investors in Vancouver real estate and loose monetary policy environment, the Vancouver real estate market speeding up. Currently, the pace of housing prices in Vancouver and the economic base of the apparently inconsistent, and has been in the bubble risk areas." Vancouver’s ranking jumped from fourth in 2015 to the first. In the past ten years, the city’s housing prices have doubled, triggering anger among local families who can’t afford to buy a house. Currently, the cost of buying a house in Vancouver has accounted for up to 90% of the proportion of pre tax income per capita. Vancouver real estate bureau data show that the average single family residential prices in August single apartment layout for C $1 million 600 thousand ($1 million 210 thousand). Vancouver provincial government in British Columbia on August announced that 15% of foreign buyers levy tax in order to cool prices. London and Vancouver, Sweden, followed by Stockholm. The report notes that, in addition to Milan, the euro zone’s low interest rate environment has been pushing all European cities bubble area. In recent years, low interest rates in Europe’s growth engines have helped boost the city’s housing market, according to the report. As a result, house prices in London, Stockholm, Munich and Switzerland have reached a new record level after inflation." At the same time, Sydney, Munich and Hongkong, China are also facing the threat of the real estate market bubble. The central bank "played a role," the report also pointed out that the real estate bubble risk in Paris and Geneva has been reduced. Dean, an economist at UBS wealth management, said in an interview with CNBC that global capital inflows and optimism about investors’ return on investment were the main reasons for the surge in housing prices. However, the economist added that the central bank also played a role". "There is also a major reason for the impact of the global easing of monetary policy, especially when we seem to be in a position where a policy seems to have been in place for some time," he said. The report pointed out that the changes in macroeconomic momentum, investor sentiment or a substantial increase in supply may trigger a rapid decline in housing prices. Investors who invest in overvalued markets should not expect property prices to rise in the medium to long term." New York bubble? The report notes that New York’s housing prices are "reasonable valuation", while claiming that New York’s real estate prices compared with ten years ago, nearly 25%. However, this year’s rent price in New York is 50% higher than in 2006, becoming the world’s rent.相关的主题文章: