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What is the experience of working with Wang Feng? Most of the people who are able to work together are equal in strength. FIIL headphones CEO Peng Jinzhou was previously vice president of HUAWEI glory: he entered HUAWEI in 1993, has been involved in HUAWEI business, wireless business and business platform and other services. 2013 Peng joined HUAWEI glory business. At the end of 2014, Peng Jinzhou consider "from HUAWEI, to do something." Wu Shichun, a member of the club, a group of angels in the plum blossom, has been at the intersection of singer and singer, Wang Feng. That time, Wang Feng has long been interested in making a new brand of domestic headphones, and the product has a preliminary idea. The idea of leaving Peng Jinzhou entrepreneurship is to find a domestic production, research and development strength, but there is not enough brand influence in the field." "A sense of quality, the connotation of China brand", this point based on the common pursuit, two people decided to hit it off the business partnership. Currently, the new brand headphones FIIL has released eight products on sale. Popularity has not yet reached the intended purpose, but the user is still very high reputation." Peng Jinzhou carry a few FIIL prototype used to show others. This two years star venture, star Internet Co is like a wave, but most of the participation is only in the endorsement of this level. Wang Feng too? "You may have some knowledge of him from the media and the gossip news, when you think he is a star, and there will be some negative things at that time." In 2014, people used to use the headlines to ridicule Wang Feng. But Peng Jinzhou and Wang Feng from the understanding of the exchange, he understood: the reason is very simple, the vast majority of people’s success is not accidental." FIIL’s product development team in Suzhou. A person familiar with the acoustic source evaluation of acoustic laboratory cost FIIL for at least a few million yuan, mainly invested in acoustic test equipment, one simulation head in the price of hundreds of thousands of yuan a. Compared to the past two years, mobile phone manufacturers or independent headphones, FIIL personnel and capital investment should be higher than an order of magnitude. "He is definitely not in the play." Peng Jinzhou told reporters. In product planning, headphones sound will have some standard test, which is part of the engineer to check. There will also be a subjective sound judgment, such as whether or not the bass proper thickening, or make pop music sounds softer, Wang Feng in this part put more, he will personally debugging, will invite yourself in the music circle team to do the evaluation. In addition, he participated in more is to play their own advantages to do product marketing and publicity. "He is very strict in his work, we will be very careful to participate in the publicity program." FiiL new color before confirmation has been updated many version, responsible for color Engineer Yang Chen Wang Feng said in a collapse, still see: "I know you’re dying, but……" Wang Feng asked to ensure that the headset color with the rendering and different light vision can be consistent. Finally, I tried more than 300 kinds of colors相关的主题文章: