Wenzhou Shengping lighting flagship store officially opened ca1806

Wenzhou Shengping lighting flagship store opened in November 5, 2016, the lighting flagship store opened in Wenzhou area, is the largest and most professional lighting stores. The vast space of the store includes modern style, Chinese style, European style, American style, etc., to provide customers with a variety of products, but also for the convenience of customers. The lighting is has many domestic first-line brand lamps such as pan and Italy imports of copper and other brands of "Jiting Ni" in Wenzhou general agency, Ms. Pan Xiaoping chairman of the company since 1988 into lighting sales industry and become a gold shopping guide. Since its establishment in 1999 Shengping Lighting Co. Ltd in Wenzhou low stool bridge orient lighting market and became the Wenzhou lighting market and industry leading enterprises in two or three years. 2006 Wenzhou Shengping Lighting Co. Ltd, chairman of miss Pan Xiaoping became Vice President of the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce lamps. Founded in 2007 Home Furnishing living museum in connection Shengping Fu, successfully fired a well-known beauty Yong furniture brand in Wenzhou Jiezhuang market. In order to expand the Ruian market in 2011 the first branch settled in Shili River by lighting lamps market. In 2012 the chairman of miss Pan Xiaoping and the eight leaders of Wenzhou chamber of Commerce lighting lamps in Haicheng District of Longwan development investment market, since the lighting Shengping third store opened, the business area has reached 9000 square meters. 2013 chairman Pan Xiaoping and Wenzhou several home building materials leading enterprises co founded the famous home building materials alliance. Today, the name of the product has become the Wenzhou region and even the country’s premier home building materials alliance brand and has successfully hosted the 10 home building materials PK purchase conference. After nearly thirty years of development and precipitation, carrying thousands of customers of the lighting Shengping good Home Furnishing life expectations, attention to the art of lighting and Home Furnishing fusion culture. In August 2016, Wenzhou Shengping Lighting Co. Ltd out of the lighting market opened the road to independence. The company moved to the new address in Wenzhou is an important traffic hub of Wenzhou Road No. 718 (Fu Home Furnishing connection International Plaza 100 meters west). The integrity of business in more than and 20 years has brought to the Howard Johnson Onehome Hotel Wenzhou, Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel, Wenzhou The Le Grand Hotel Dell, Sheng Ping, Wenzhou Days Hotel, The Dynasty Hotel Wenzhou Yao Xi and many other well-known hotel brand partners, and many well-known enterprises in Wenzhou and the established good relations of cooperation, including the well-known enterprises in Wenzhou listed company CHINT group chain store, Wenzhou Red Dragonfly Group, Wenzhou Wuzhou valve factory, Wenzhou Metersbonwe clothing etc.. Not only that, the professional service attitude has won the Wenzhou Municipal People’s government building, Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Longquan city administrative center, Lishui Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Wenzhou City Convention Center (the Great Hall of the people) and other government organs and units favored.相关的主题文章: