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Wenzhou a primary school examination than girls on the chest: suspects temporary surveillance video shots in October 11th, the new semester first primary school in Zhejiang Wenzhou Yueqing town of Liushi City, a routine medical examination, that night more than high grade girls to their parents’ height in the process encountered the doctor touch the chest ", more than parents telephone communication after the alarm. November 1st, surging news from the Yueqing Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the man is not a doctor, but to undertake a temporary hospital medical staff, the man is currently suspected of molesting children has been approved for arrest. The daughter said the school physical examination on the chest, several parents did not start to believe in each other, telephone communication, and found their children described the basic agreement. One of the parents told the surging news, October 12th morning, they saw the surveillance video from the school, physical examination, a man dressed in a black jacket for students by height, height to the boys, he will hold the boys shoulder to the wall, using the triangular ruler, but to a female height, he directly according to the girls in the chest pushed to the wall. My daughter went home to go home that night, the other parents told me that her children do not sleep at night before the door, after the incident every night to close the door to sleep. We would like to look for the doctor to discuss the argument, but an understanding, found that the height of the man is not a doctor, but relatives of hospital staff, was temporarily called the amount of height." A female parents told surging news. Liushi Town, the first semester of the new semester routine examination by the town of the first community health and family planning service center. The director of the center Bao Shaorun to surging news that the October 11th physical examination by the center staff Liu Huagong organization, a total of more than and 30 people, about half of the medical staff, the other is from the society of temporary employment, the temporary employment of personnel responsible for the measurement of height and weight does not require medical professional background of the project. Someone is a relative of Liu Huagong, I think this will happen. Yueqing police direction surging News revealed that the parents in October after the 12 daily report, according to the parents of the police and video surveillance and other circumstances, the day of the report will be involved in criminal detention. October 26th, Yueqing City People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of indecent child crime.相关的主题文章: