Weihui, a man took advantage of his former girlfriend sleeping with WeChat to turn its 5000 yuan-4444.kk.com

A man in Weihui while sleeping with his former girlfriend WeChat transferred its 5000 yuan recently, Weihui Ji Wei night girlfriend shop, wake up, brush WeChat to red envelopes, found that the WeChat bound bank card 5000 yuan take wings to itself. Further confirmation by the bank inquiry, his card was indeed transferred out 5000 yuan. At the moment, the phone is a communication tool, but also a lot of money bags. The money on their cards inexplicable turn away, Ms. Wei quickly came to Interpol brigade report. Even Japan, a squadron of police on the case combing criminal investigation, to restore the process of case. Ms. Wei night in his girlfriend Ms. Lu foot store, Ms. Lu’s boyfriend in a certain way also in the store, three in the evening after dinner, a let Weimou to turn WeChat 100 yuan, are busy let Ms. Wei Cheng take their mobile phone operation, and then enter their own secret code. I do not know in history, and wie before had a romantic relationship, after breaking up, two people continue to be friends, still well. Afraid of thieves, afraid of thieves misses. Wie in the password, is beside a memorization in the heart, and in the evening, while Weimou asleep on the occasion, WeChat secretly transferred out of the card 5000 yuan. In order to destroy the evidence, but also to a fancy out Ms. Wei on the mobile phone transfer records and bank debit SMS notification. Gambling in a few days, 5000 yuan will be on the table to the cleaners. Find a place to become a pressing matter of the moment. A squadron of Interpol Mopai a life trajectory, was informed that his father was seriously ill, a process may be at home. In November 5th it will be at home. And truthfully confessed to the use of WeChat theft Wei money illegal and criminal acts. At present, the suspect Cheng has been under criminal detention.相关的主题文章: