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We reward people, is to meet his own original title: We reward others, is to meet their author: the essence of Zhou Gongzi reward is still a "meet the complex", a reward who spend money to meet their own, benefit each other, as long as not too much, is a kind of social culture and human egoism. Mobile phone wallet has a little money, what would you do? A lot of people will answer: "take a reward ah." Today, whether it is posted online or net red broadcast, the page will eventually have a prominent button: play reward. You just gently press three yuan, five yuan, three hundred million and fifty thousand, and Feng Jian, depending on your mood and. This phenomenon is called "playing the economy". It flourished, enough to support from the media industry’s survival, or a lot of visible generosity. But the problem is, playing reward this behavior, on the surface is superfluous. For example, look at the net posts, fans have been fully aware of all the contents of the reading, there is no need to go to buy the right to read, but why is there still fans willing to play it? In fact, playing reward to buy, is to meet some other psychological, such as self-esteem, is an important part of the traditional tipping culture purchased. Enjoy playing tips knows a bit more respect can let you get a waiter; but, "I have a reward", this "ability" the experience itself is also very proud. So, some people who want to get their own self-esteem like to play to others. They have a good time, the other side is happy, but also a win-win. Appreciation, or the way we express ourselves. As the author of many online Xiongwen, can often tell the general public. They tell everyone’s endorsement of the public mood, the passions, make people feel particularly happy to read; moreover, they also benefit social and call, dissemination of humanistic care…… In short, they benefit the public, the public also to "reward" way to repay them, express gratitude, and feel the warmth of the meet in the expression. However, one of the most important functions of the network culture, or the establishment of the relationship. Once upon a time, there was a reader who told me about her idol, with a "family" tone, said: "these years, I will give him a little money every month." In fact, she did not speak with the idol, but a silent place "play", and then transfer. Such a simple act is enough to help her symbolically establish a relationship in her heart, as if they were one, and to some extent, she had "had" him. If you go into the studio, this relationship will become more apparent. Many people do not lack money, lack of attention. As a result, every day in front of the network to throw money to buy their attention, playing, playing, playing, reward, just reward into the top three, so that the network red and sweet to shout, "my king". In this regard, they will try to establish further enjoy as if it were malt sugar, and the relationship between online, get more favor "red net". So, this kind of person is often the biggest gold in the industry. When several gold master together, a reward, will bring another meet: competition, beat rivals to become the king of kings, to experience their own strong. The feeling of victory is often extremely sweet, Hao相关的主题文章: