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Sports-and-Recreation Now if Antonio Margarito and Miguel Angel Cotto put aside education and engaged in verbal battle in the great final press conference in New York. Both fighters will face off this weekend at Madison Square Garden and will seek to dispel all doubts There are about their rivalry. By the way, Cotto Junito expose the crown for the second time the Middleweight World Boxing Association. CLICK HERE TO WATCH The press conference prior to Saturday’s bout between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito at Madison Square Garden, the title of the WBA super welterweight champion, was marked by harsh words and insults were exchanged both. "You’re a disgrace to boxing, an embarrassment, and Saturday will see how this girl plays with you", "Cotto said Margarito. Previously, the Mexican had verbally attacked his opponent to the media present: "Paste as a child" and said knock it again as it did in the first meeting between the two. Margarito he added: "I am not a criminal, do not hit my family, as did this man, who struck the brother of his father." When the conference, promoter Bob Arum was placed between boxers for photos, without allowing Cotto and Margarito faced directly. Cotto was on time and Margarito accused of being a disgrace to Mexican boxing for cheating and using plaster bandages for his fights, while Margarito rated the Puerto Rican champion stuck as "a child." "No matter how many times I hit in the right eye, there will be problems because Cotto punches like a girl, my brother is super flyweight paste is stronger," said Mexican to Puerto Rican, who laughed when listening ear to ear. On his turn at the microphone, Cotto said: "I speak Spanish, because I want Margarito very well understand my message … should be ashamed that he’s Mexican. There can answer my charges the cast, since it is the shame of boxing, "he said. Both fighters are expected to give a great battle this weekend and said that no one will have mercy. For Antonio Margarito fights are determined by the styles and yours always prevail at the Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Cotto regardless of years have passed. This weekend, the Mexican will test his theory when he faces for the second time Cotto at Madison Square Garden in New York. CLICK HERE TO WATCH 相关的主题文章: