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Wang Ziwen: Wang Kai warm "Ode to joy 2" will send sugar "if snails have love" Wang Ziwen stills Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen Sina entertainment news a "Ode to joy" is not enough? Wang Ziwen and Wang Kai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in the hit TV series "if love" in the snail continue to send sugar! Although the embodiment of psychological side introverted calm writing teacher Xu Xu, experienced master bahls (Wang Kaishi) many difficulties, but still does not affect two people continue to group CP, Wang Ziwen to the exclusive shared feelings for Wang Kai, "he cares for me is heartfelt, now more and more understanding and exchanges pretty much." "I like Xu Xu calm, love more like song Xiao Xiao" at the beginning of the "Ode to joy" to "Qu Xiao Xiao" Wang Ziwen concern, but also let her gain popularity; and if the "snail has love", by her interpretation of Xu Xu’s penetrating, more importantly, two movie is working with Wang Kai, many girls envy of many feel, but in her opinion, they will often be each other’s words touched, "he would suddenly make people feel very warm." Sina entertainment: from publicity on Qu Xiao Xiao to undemonstrative Xu Xu, will not feel the time span great interpretation? Wang Ziwen: in the beginning there can not find the feeling, not like the previous type into the role of those skilled like up there feeling, but after a period of time to find a sense of words. Her calm I like it, I hope I can act like she is not surprised. Sina entertainment: what are the similarities and differences between the two roles? Wang Ziwen: Xiao Xiao Qu is a person of love experience. But Xu Xu has not talked about love, do not know what is love, don’t even know that you love on the white season. And, with the white season began to fall in love, drama is over, so it is not too much of her attitude towards love. But a lot of Xiao Xiao Song of love I agree with the view. Sina entertainment: with Wang Kai so many times, what details do you make the most impressive? Wang Ziwen: his concern for me is from the heart, said some words are often infected with me, suddenly feel very warm. Now more and more understanding, the exchange is also quite a lot of. "2" and "Ode to joy Wang Kai will send sugar" about Wang Ziwen and Wang Kai of the CP, they are in the "Ode to joy" in the 2 feelings to make a lot of viewers curious, Wang Ziwen said, is "Xiao Xiao Qu abuse, used to think that love is playing, but I can see her sincerity, flow a lot of tears." Sina entertainment: in the "Ode to joy" in 2, Qu Xiao Xiao and Zhao Qiping’s feelings of the line will be how to develop? Wang Ziwen: the first quarter of two people look of affection is not too serious, together and break up casually, but the second season will have more details of the love of two people, such as Qu Xiao Xiao before think love is playing well, cynical feeling, also let a person can’t see her heart, but in the second quarter to obviously, he really fell in love with the doctor, very touching, certainly will also send a lot of sugar, but also a lot of tears. Sina entertainment has been with Xiao Xiao Qu: this tag)相关的主题文章: