Wang Shi went to the prison to visit Mu Similarly afflicted people pity each other. Freemasonry lata-01

Wang Shi went to the prison to visit Wang Shi Wang Shi: Freemasonry Mu Mu Similarly afflicted people pity each other. went to the prison to visit Mu: Freemasonry news reporter Wang Guoping Similarly afflicted people pity each other., cover China as the first generation of private entrepreneurs, who used to have the distinctive characteristics of the body, very strong political circumstances and the integrity of the hero. Even in prison, the world, the country, the reform of these topics, has been the direction of his thinking. In 2007, Wang Shi went to prison visit mu. December 2015 "Wanbao" controversy just during fermentation, Wang Shi accepted the media interview said, see mouqizhong, first because "Similarly afflicted people pity each other., Freemasonry." For this visit, Wang Shi want to be far away. Wang Shi said, he will come out, or to do something, to see him is to give him an encouragement. Letters from prison "to let the world know what time he wanted to" business Nande, who used to love to call themselves "Scholar", he did not want people to think of him as a general merchant, and his greatest hope is to his economic ideas spread the world. That year, he was in the south to do a magazine, named "South Horizons". When it was founded, Feng Lun served as editor of the journal. In the South group was disbanded, as was the secretary who used out of the detention center, Xia Zongwei put the "Horizon" to "South Nande communication" way to keep down, also established a dedicated website, Nande blog, in order to keep communication with colleagues and friends. In the "South communication", recorded the general thinking, who used the progress of the case and other news. Xia Zongwei will pick some up on the blog, but also by mail to some jioubu Nande and social care for his people. For those who used his support from the sound, called "letters from prison". "These words and thinking of the old Mou, he is in a regulation." Xia Zongwei said, I think whether he is right or wrong, the most important thing is that he needs to maintain a state in this form." For the transmission of information, Xia Zongwei considered the idea of long-term, who used the transfer to you, let the world know what he wants, what problems are still thinking, "although it is a one-way communication, but it is also a kind of indirect way to communicate with you." In March and April this year, he again put him in prison on hand "report". In accordance with the requirements of Xia Zongwei who used the text, into the computer, print it out, and then to the post office to send dozens of national relevant ministries. Said Xia Zongwei, who used the memory and thinking ability of people to admire, even now, in the visiting time, he can also be a temporary problem, blurt out clear logic. In the original South Group employees described in the year’s meeting, he had only to write several outline, can speak a few hours, the key is very wonderful. He always wanted to own enterprise has the connotation, worthy of his ideal of "wisdom of civilization" and "fourth production theory相关的主题文章: