Wang Jianlin we are interested in more than paramount –

Wang Jianlin: we are interested in more than paramount – Beijing, Guangzhou daily news Wanda Group plans to complete two $1 billion film acquisitions in the United States this year, while the group’s next acquisition target more directed at the "Hollywood six". Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin yesterday in an interview, talked about the acquisition of two unnamed film company’s plans, two transaction amount of more than $1 billion. Wang Jianlin said: "my goal is to buy the company of Hollywood, and their technology and film production capacity into china." As previously reported last month, Wanda and Viacom acquired Paramount Pictures negotiations. But Wang Jianlin believes that Wanda is likely to acquire one of the six Hollywood studios. "We are interested in not only paramount, all but the Hollywood Liu Dazhong." Wang Jianlin said. "Hollywood six" in addition to paramount, including twentieth Century Fuchs, Warner Brothers, Disney, and SONY global. In January this year, Wang Jianlin spent $3 billion 500 million to acquire a majority stake in the legendary entertainment, making Wanda became the first major Hollywood studios acquired Chinese company. The deal is also the largest overseas Chinese entertainment industry mergers and acquisitions. Wanda next year’s goal is to work together with other companies to invest in international film. (Yu Le)相关的主题文章: