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Wang Bowen "star of the secret" first confession fans "star of the secret" cover "star of the Wang Bowen Wang Bowen song" secret "star of the secret" Sina entertainment Wang Bowen song "star of the secret" in September 15th officially launched, at the same time, the song will also be included in his 2016 new "W.BOWEN" in EP. This song is not only recorded the story of his growth, but also records and fans together bit by bit, but also look forward to let everyone through the work of Wang Bowen heard the most real monologue. In 2010 the "fast men" stage that he first appeared on the screen and gains a number of favorite music for his fans, the boy finally made a bold attempt to set foot on the road of dreams. Wang Bowen in the way of a light love songs about his 16 year old when the mood, harvest and good wishes. From the thought of doing, from hard to more efforts, from athletes to star idols, he used the strength to promote the dream of the track, steadfast forward. In the face of challenges, Wang Bowen completed a breakthrough again and again, in the full range of music and film development. "Chasing and look forward to the idol star of the secret" not only the record of Wang Bowen young, also recorded with his fans "love like a summer, transfer their feelings through songs in the form of open bold confession. And for this song, he also repeatedly said, "there is what I want to say to the fans, I have a sweet time with them, this song belongs to us". This single song specially invited the popular music creation person to take the East Yue, the composer Liu Yonghui for it to tailor. Among them, the lyrics on behalf of Yue Dong was EXO, Zhang Jie, Jeff Chang, Hua Chenyu, TFBOYS and many domestic and foreign artists, Liu Yonghui, Shang Wenjie, and Show Luo had Qi Wei, Rainie Yang, Twins, Ariel Lin and other digital artists worked.相关的主题文章: