Volkswagen and JAC determine the joint venture in China than to wear mode bypass policy restrictions denka

Volkswagen and JAC determine the joint venture in China than to wear mode bypass policy restrictions? The 80 models have been banned and fined 17 billion 800 million won the Tencent financial news in South Korea (Li Siyi) in September 7th, Volkswagen and JAC have announced that the two sides of the Wahson (micro-blog) production and sales of electric vehicles signed a joint venture cooperation memorandum of understanding. According to JAC (600418.SH) issued a notice, the two sides are on the field of new energy vehicles, the establishment of prospect and feasibility of a new joint venture to assess, but the scale of investment, business model and other details of the joint venture company has not yet been determined, as far as possible in the signing of the formal agreement within the next 5 months. According to reports, the two sides will be the new energy automotive products as the basis, the establishment of a research and development joint venture, cooperation in research and development, new energy vehicles and parts production, sales, travel programs and other fields, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The form of investment by both parties shall be in the form of cash or other assets, each of which shall be paid 50% of the initial registered capital. Cooperation between JAC and Volkswagen from high-level promotion. In October 2015, during the German Prime Minister Merkel’s visit to Chinese, just hit the Volkswagen’s new director of emission event chairman Mullen (Matthias Mü ller), with Merkel visiting delegations to China, and announced that it would invest 22 billion euros in Chinese. Subsequently, the media communication during the Guangzhou auto show, Volkswagen Hazman, President of China (Jochem Heizmann) revealed that Volkswagen has begun to contact the JAC, to discuss the possibility of cooperation between the two sides. Then, a Volkswagen and Jianghuai Automobile joint venture projects are speculation. It is said that the two sides will jointly produce new energy vehicles, said the two sides will cooperate in the field of commercial vehicles, including trucks and pickups. Eventually, the two sides identified the possibility of joint venture cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles. With the current automobile industry development policy contradiction? Notice, JAC in the performance of the major risks and uncertainties, said the joint venture between the two sides also need approval or filing procedures related departments. According to the Ministry and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "automobile industry development policy" provisions of article forty-eighth, "with a foreign investors may establish two at home (including two) following the production of similar (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) vehicle products joint venture, such as with the Chinese joint venture partner joint merger in China other car manufacturers can not accept two restrictions. If an enterprise with legal person qualification outside the country holds another enterprise, it shall be regarded as the same." This means that foreign car companies can only be a joint venture with the two categories of local automobile companies. The auto industry is generally believed that JAC and Volkswagen cooperation model may follow BYD and Daimler joint venture in china. Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as wearing) was established in 2010, launched a new Teng potential brand, and by BYD OEM production. At that time, Daimler joint venture in China include: joint venture with BAIC and Benz Beijing Foton Daimler, and steam group joint venture Fujian daimler.相关的主题文章: