Victoria Song and Tang Yan are not serious, serious to wear clothes in the past, and so on, and so o super bass

Victoria Song and Tang Yan are not serious, "serious" to wear clothes in the past, and so on, and so on! A few days ago, Victoria Song in the micro-blog hair photos, show Chanel bags also show big legs! Regardless of the front and back light and lovely her clothes from Chanel but Victoria Song doesn’t wear good clothes, the anti wearing a sweater, low-key clothes suddenly become interesting personality! Not only is Victoria Song, in fact, the old man does not like to wear fashionable circle of good clothes, this not serious clothes also turned into a popular trend… This is not serious, so that they become fashionable double personality! "Not serious" dress the old driver a grasp of a lot, it is normal clothes have become a strapless, Dongyu Zhou told us to wear Hin popular pout Hin sexy! Dongyu Zhou’s double coat is too avant-garde retro classic windbreaker look this several Tang Yan students dress into wide straps fall shoulder dress is going on and Tang Yixin directly to the skirt into a word shoulder, you wear this foul…… Already learned! Don’t wear this coat never mind, a small half off half can do it, comrade Song Jia is very clever, not exposed half, how can see inside is wearing a lace lace dress! See come out, this method has been put into her bone marrow Dongyu Zhou is "bad", half shoulder out of army green coat loose lazy, but also show the perspective of lace detail, wear off half half ah shoot two hawks with one arrow has been unable to meet the demand of the old driver, simply learning the moon, put your coat into the ribbon stopped at the waist, Song Jia put the cool coat through the feminine clothes not serious old drivers are definitely Kendall and Gigi ah, they can not wear a coat to wear a coat, never put on the shoulder, the moon is always made just the end of the Kanye West spring 2017 fashion show, Kardashian how to strength the interpretation of "not serious" but this dress wear really cool and Xian Chang, the original is the fashion circle of older drivers! Song Jia’s Blouse Dress shoulder, another arm just for decoration, living with a good Marni Maison Margiela deconstruction fashion bloggers are love to wear clothes counter, we all know, this method can be the most powerful ah backless or Kendall, normal clothes have worn out her want style, cut yourself not to say, also must be exposed to the inside of the underwear can only say that cuts a good t-shirt! This method is not serious in that Demna Gvasalia to bring up his own brand, Vetements is now super fire, and show the clothes never take through clothes to shoulder pads, jacket half off off wearing Vetements 2016 winter series sweater how have big, want to see symmetry cut a dress boots higher than the waist, skirt had half outside, half belt long boots to mop the floor Vetements 2017 spring and summer series and he put this "not serious" to the Balenciaga, since Demna Gvasalia was named Balen!相关的主题文章: