Vice President Du Yan Yingfan Institute of technology driven or produce new risk 4000dy

Vice President Du Yan: Yingfan Institute of technology driven or Breeding Institute Vice President Du Yan risk Yingfan Francisco September 14th Sina News, Sina Technology organized by the theme of "future state" of the second session of the Sina C+ summit held in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel yesterday, vice president Du Yan Yingfan Research Institute to participate in the theme "the future of gold" dialogue. Cass finance Yang Tao, assistant director of the Institute of Zhejiang International Center for financial assets coo Xu Yaoqi, vice president of Jingdong financial Jin Lin, Zhong An insurance deputy general manager Wu Ti, general manager of open credit Xin Zhou Zhihan as guests to participate in the discussion. Du Yan as a forum moderator, will discuss the lock in the three key words – the new financial model innovation, risk regulation. In Du Yan view, due to the technology driven, the financial sector by way of passengers, risk management, organizational management has undergone a new change. But the change will also bring other problems, Du Yan said that the financial sector will have a very strong effect of external superposition and leverage, as the technology may also drive the risk of breeding. Talking about the current popular block chain, Du Yan said the technology for the financial industry to bring the center of the imagination, but also worried that it will bring new risks. "The risk itself may redefine the connotation, the boundary and the extension." Speaking of regulation, Du Yan said that in the development of the new financial process, it itself challenges a lot of things, including the existing rules, existing laws, and even now the entire regulatory framework. In fact Chinese is also implementing regulatory reform, line three will also in the future governance structure adjustment, of course, there is no clear framework, but the development of the new financial regulators indeed brought great challenges. (Xu Li)相关的主题文章: