Use nuclear bombs on Sweden Russian rage against the Western aggressive propaganda is the new networ-cancam

Use nuclear bombs on Sweden? Russian rage against the Western aggressive propaganda is the new network scandal in February 1st, the Russian military exercises held near Murmansk in northern europe. "NATO can’t stop Russian tanks from entering the Baltic States", Russia may launch a nuclear strike against Sweden to trigger the third world war". In recent days, the western media have borrowed the latest report from the famous American think tank Rand Co to hype Russia’s "invasion" threat, saying that the Russian army only needs 36 hours to reach the capital of Latvia and Estonia". One of the Broadcasting British Corporation’s BBC films even imagined that the Russian atomic bomb attacked Sweden, Latvia and other countries, resulting in the third world war". Pooth Kopf, chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the Russian State Duma, believes that the purpose of Western media is to incite and incite hatred and war fantasy in russia. "This is the western media to Russia to launch a new round of public debate," Itar TASS said, western people had seen is to Russia’s actions and unfair evaluation, this program is reported and it is a kind of add fuel to the flames, "provocation, will undoubtedly make the situation more tense". [Global Times special correspondent in China, Shuangcheng Aoki ceramic short house Liu Yupeng Chen Yi]

对瑞典使用核弹? 俄怒斥西方侵略性宣传是丑闻-中新网   2月1日,俄罗斯在靠近北欧的摩尔曼斯克举行军演。  【环球时报综合报道】“北约不能阻止俄罗斯坦克进入波罗的海国家”“俄可能对瑞典实施核打击以引发第三次世界大战”。近几天来,西方媒体纷纷借美国著名智库兰德公司的最新报告炒作俄罗斯的“入侵”威胁,称“俄罗斯军队只需要36个小时就能打进拉脱维亚和爱沙尼亚的首都”。  英国广播公司(BBC)的一部电视片甚至假想“俄用原子弹进攻对付瑞典、拉脱维亚等国,从而引起第三次世界大战”。  俄国家杜马国际事务委员会主席普什科夫认为,西方媒体此举目的是歇斯底里煽动对俄罗斯的仇恨和战争狂想。  “这是西方媒体对俄发动的新一轮舆论战”,俄新网称,西方民众本来看到的就是对俄罗斯行动的不公正评价,这种报道和节目更是火上浇油,“它就是一种挑衅,无疑将使局势更加紧张”。  【环球时报驻外特约记者 纪双城 青木 陶短房 柳玉鹏 陈一】相关的主题文章: