Unified interface, macbook will be replaced by type-c- Sohu digital boee

The unified interface, the MacBook line will be put on Type-C- digital Sohu last year, apple in its new MacBook 12 inch on the first use of USB    Type-C interface, the interface is not compatible with all the many consumers Tucao, U disk, Hub, mouse and other accessories directly, but Apple does not seem to give up high cold Type-C. According to foreign media reports, Apple plans in the new generation of MacBook  Pro Air all use this new interface is expected MacBook  Pro will be the first to be equipped with a new interface than MacBookAir. USB Type-C has a very obvious advantage, it can also plug the pros and cons, achieve data transmission and power supply function, at present, most of the OEM mobile phone manufacturers began to force in the USB Type-C interface, not long ago, Intel said, will be on the interface of USB-C audio standard upgrade from the intelligent terminal released this year, the the interface has received a lot of manufacturers of all ages. However, Apple has not yet planned to use iPhone on the next generation of Type-C. According to previous rumors, in September 7th the upcoming release of the two iPhone will cancel the traditional 3.5 mm audio interface, instead of the proprietary lightning interface. This means that Apple will be in the future hardware using Type-C and unified interface lightning two standard, and this is the market has brought new opportunities, we can predict that the emergence of a large number of lightning charger transfer to Type-C will be on the market.相关的主题文章: