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Taiwan is determined to be in the international criminal police authorities complain – Cai assembly Sohu Military Channel text with map: Taiwan is determined to be in the International Criminal Police organization. Observer network Roundup: upcoming International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) conference held in Indonesia, the Taiwan authorities have been actively preparing for the observer. However, Taiwan’s Ministry of foreign affairs today (5) confirmed that it is unable to participate in the November 7th INTERPOL conference held in Bali Island on the eighty-fifth session of the general assembly. Taiwan side of this deep regret and dissatisfaction, but the future will continue to cooperate with other countries, continue to promote participation in international organizations. Media asked whether the foreign minister Li Dawei was suppressed by the mainland, Li Dawei said directly, it is clear that." Mac subsequently sound, called "the two sides should treat in the world, mainland should not obstruct Taiwan’s participation in international activities, the political factors in the name, for the well-being of the people of Taiwan hurt". This is the Taiwan area since 1984 from the INTERPOL, for the first time to promote participation in the general assembly as an observer, Taiwan United Daily News, "Central News" reported today, Taiwan authorities "Foreign Ministry confirmed that Taiwan has received INTERPOL French President Mireille Ballestrazzi and German nationality Secretary General Jü rgen Stock, respectively; letter of reply Taiwan" the Ministry of the interior police department Criminal Police Bureau "Liu Bailiang" director ". The letter made it clear that, unable to respond positively to Taiwan to attend as observers for the INTERPOL conference, which will be invited to Taiwan to attend this year the organization held in Indonesia Bali Island eighty-fifth session of the general assembly. Taiwan authorities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, although not successful invitation, but the future government will continue close close cooperation with the United States and other countries continue to promote the concept of participation in the INTERPOL, also expressed gratitude to the United States Congress expressed firm support by law number S.2426, and thanks to Obama in March 18th this year, the bill signed into law, clearly support the participation INTERPOL and its related meetings, activities and mechanism as an observer, and the United States and many countries the concept of similar members of Congress to continue to promote the resolution, a statement, or personal tweets and other support network. The Taiwan side said, the fight against crime to national borders and promote participation in the INTERPOL assembly as an observer, not involved in politics, is looking forward to cooperate with other national police, to make a contribution in the global fight against organized crime, cyber crime, transnational crime and terrorism and other fields, with the practice of INTERPOL "link among police organs, achieve for the safety of the world" (Connecting police for a safer world). Taiwan’s foreign ministry also said that in the trend of globalization, transnational crime is increasingly serious, because of failure to participate in INTERPOL, Taiwan to INTERPOL instant access to members of the information sharing, the Taiwan police to combat transnational crime "in the implementation and maintenance of border security.相关的主题文章: